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Interview With Jill Miller Creator of the Yoga Tune Up Series (7-19-2011)

Jill Miller creator of the popular Yoga Tune Up series

Belles: Yoga, though centuries old, has found renewed popularity. The DVD market offers a variety of Yoga workouts from traditional to more recent fusion workouts. To what do you attribute the popularity of yoga?
Jill: Yoga is becoming more and more popular as folks recognize how essential tuning in and tuning down is for their overall health and wellbeing. Yoga formats almost always include an opportunity to involve conscious breathing and deep relaxation intermixed with movement and stillness. When you take time to enter into deeps states of sedation that yoga offers, it enhances your ability to perform better no matter what you do. My Yoga Tune Up® work focuses on corrective exercise coupled with self-massage and proper breathing techniques,. This potent mix helps to facilitate better functional movement patterns in students who love yoga, fitness, or who just want to live better in their bodies!
Belles: Many of us do our best to fit exercise into our busy schedules but with so many disciplines out there – strength, cardio, Pilates, Yoga etc – it is hard to fit it all in. What are your recommendations for fitting it all in?
Jill: No matter what you do, be completely present and absorbed in the activity you are doing. Condense your concentration to enrich the little time you do have.
Belles: When starting an exercise program individuals often times take on too much too soon which may lead to injury. What other exercise “habits” potentially lead to injury? What are your recommendations for injury prevention when exercising?
Jill: Your breath is a natural built-in safety barometer.  One of my rules of thumb is, if you cannot take a full breath, you are in it too deep, or you are overexerting yourself. Above all, you must remain aware of your movement patterns and pay attention to pain signals.
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