Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Barre Fitness with Jessica Smith DVD Review

Barre Fitness 3 Ballet Inspired Workouts
Jessica Smith, 2014

This dvd contains three 20 minute workouts that can be played individually or you can select play all from the main menu. You will need a chair and a small ball/pillow and light weights. Jessica works out alone on a dock with a pool overlooking the water. Jessica works out barefoot.

Cardio Ballet: Exercises include side step knee raise, prance, gran pliet pulses, heel raises, arabesque, close stance plie hops, plie jacks, pliet pulse & hops with swan arms, chasse, plie pulse & side bend, core side reaches and an active stretch. Jessica adds fun ballet style arm movements to up the calorie burn.

Floor Barre: Exercises include core series lying over the ball, bridge series with the ball in knees, attitude helicopter leg series, cobra pulses, pushup pulses, ball squeezes, side planks with the ball in between feet, and an oblique series. Jessica does a great job of using the ball in different ways to enhance each exercise.

Barre Burn: Exercises include ham curls, passe & chest hug, tree pose & V pull down, pulsing close stance squats & upper back fly, tri hold & glute raises, kickback balancing stick, 1st position pulse & strong man curls, gran plie & criss-cross front raise, plank series off the chari w/ leg & core work, plank to pike with calf raises, standing side leg raises & pull downs, lunge & row, gran pliet & row and stretch. Perfect exercises for lighter weights.

I rate these lower intermediate routines. These are some super unique workouts that combine fun new exercises that will get the muscles burning and heart pumping. The exercises are easy to follow and Jessicas instruction is, as always, impeccable. These workouts really have something for everyone- graceful ballet, fun cardio, muscle burn, and fun unique exercises. I received this dvd to review.

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  1. This DVD is on my wish list!

  2. I love everything Jessica Smith and this one DID NOT dissapoint! Another winner :)

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