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Interview with Billy Blanks Jr & Sharon Catherine Blanks (12-7-11)

Meet the Blanks! Billy Blanks Jr. & his wife and fitness partner Sharon Catherine Blanks have shared some of their fitness insights with us & our readers:

The Belles: We really enjoyed your Dance with me Cardio Fit and Groove & Burn dvds, do you have any new projects on the horizon?
The Blanks: Thank you for the compliment on our DVD’s. We truly love doing what we do and hope others enjoy it as well! This December our newest DVD releases! It is called “Billy Blanks Jr.’s Fat Burning Hip Hop Mixes” with the amazing Dancing With The Stars DVD director Cal Pozo! Then in March 2012, we have another DVD that will release called “Billy Blanks Jr.’s Bootcamp Dance Party”. These DVD’s are our favorites to date.
The Belles: What can you share with us about working as a husband & wife duo in the fitness world?
The Blanks: We have been working together since 2000 and we love it! It really works for us because we deal with a lot of families. We can both identify and help each other understand the needs and inner workings of the opposite sex.
The Belles: How did your fitness focused childhood influence you:
The Blanks: Growing up in a fitness family I always knew the importance to keep moving. My fitness ideals are much different than my father’s because my wife and I only create programs that are all inclusive and a little less intimidating; equally as effective, but fun for everyone. We want our programs to not only help you get in shape but to give you a boost to make it through the day.
The Belles: What does your typical workout week look like?
The Blanks: Our typical workout routine is to dance everyday whether through teaching or just as a family at home. We also throw in some strength training.
The Belles: Do you have any cool fitness stories you can share with us?
The Blanks: With our programs we have had some amazing stories. On the silly side, my wife dances out of her shoes at least once a month! One time I split my pants in the middle of class; the class got a nice shot of my boxers! On the more serious side, we built and started this program just after losing our home. We were literally living in the motel connected to the 24 Hour Fitness Gym we were teaching at. Each day we would sneak through the parking garage so that no one would see us. What we learned was that you never know what people are going through on any given day. Eye contact and true connection with our students was so important. They didn’t know this but their support also helped us get through! Each day we opened ourselves up and heard stories from our students that touched us. One of our students shared with us that she was a cutter. Because of our class, she now feels empowered. She is doing better and she is no longer cutting. One mom said the class is the 1 hour she devotes to herself. It makes her feel like a better mom. Finally, one of our male students Darrin. He is a complete “guy non-dancer”. Darrin said he came into class because he watched it from outside and it looked fun. He expected to leave after the first 15 minutes but had so much fun he stayed for the whole class! Since then he has lost 60lbs with us and has now finished two marathons! Our students and supporters make the program. Without them it would be nothing and we always place the focus on them.
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