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Interview With Fitness Pro: Christi Taylor (12-14-2011)

Fitness favorite Christi Taylor shares her insights with our readers!

Belles: You are a long time favorite of at-home video exercisers with your unique and fun step choreography. You just recently came out of a long hiatus. Why did you decide to take the break from creating workouts? What prompted you to create your most recent workout?
Christi: Have you ever tried to do lots of things, just to find yourself not doing any of them well?   That was me 5 years ago.  My world was cluttered, stressful, confusing, and simply not fun any longer.
Yes, the change in the economy and the fitness industry was a contributing factor.  And of course you can also add my son serving in Iraq, my father passing away, and a number of other typical mid-life challenges.  But mostly, I myself (yes me) was the major contributing factor.

Where at one time in my life I went with the flow, kept a smile on my face, and sang my way through obstacles, I was now trying to be what other people wanted me to be, disappointed when I could not please everyone, and thinking that I can do it all.  I needed an attitude adjustment, BIG TIME!  I became the “jack of all trades, and the master of none” with a cocky, whiny attitude.

After some much-needed time on my knees with God, and in front of a very close and personal mirror, I began to see myself.  It was scary at first.  Then it was comforting.  I am coming back to life now.

The first thing I wanted to do was film.  However, I didn’t just want to film a DVD, I wanted to do it like the good ole days.  That meant enjoying every moment of the process in faith and perseverance; calmly enjoy the planning, prepping, rehearsals, and performance of it.  Achieving that was all I needed.  If the DVD also sells and people enjoy it, then that is the cherry on top of an already successful adventure.

Belles: We are all very excited about your new Totally Cool Step 2 and video exercisers want to know, any other future workouts on the horizon?
Christi: Yes.  I am planning to film a dance fitness workout.  That’s my biggest passion, and my personal preference to keeping myself fit.  The hardest part, as usual, about filming this type of workout is finding the right music.  The music must be energetic, stylized, and have a driving force to every movement performed to it.  I have already hired someone to create and produce new music just for my next workout DVD.  My plan is to film in the spring, or early summer if necessary.  I have some cool ideas to make it unique.  I’m enjoying the process!

Belles: How did you get involved in the fitness industry?
Christi: I fell in love with the fitness industry in 1982.  Remember the movie “Perfect” starring Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta?  Watching that movie was the turning point for me.  I was in the accounting industry at the time.  I decided that I wanted to transition over to the fitness world, so I began making strategic financial adjustments to help me do just that.  Walla!  Here I am almost 30 years later!   I have not regret a single moment, nor do I ever expect to.
Belles: What is your favorite thing about being part of the fitness industry? What is your least favorite?
Christi: Favorite…..
- Keeps me close to lots of people while also helping them meet their personal goals.  I am the epitome of a “people person”
- Allows me to maintain my own health, fitness, and vitality
- I have actually become more valuable to the industry as I have aged;  only of course if I practice what I preach, and adjust with the moving and changing fitness industry.
- Offers me a way to enjoy what I love most (dancing), while still being able to live a normal life, raise my children, and generate income
Least Favorite…..- Nothing

Belles: You teach live classes at Freedom Fitness in Arizona. Can you share with us the “live class” experience typically entails.

Christi: I love the live class experience – especially at this club.  They have two locations, so I get to enjoy a variety of people.  It’s not a huge gym, so it is more intimate; and allows everyone to get to know each other well.  Gone are the days when I taught in huge studios and ballrooms, with packed crowds.  Though they can be fun, I tend to loose myself and my purpose in that type of environment.  Today I teach 3 or 4 dance fitness classes per week, with approximately 12 to 23 people per class.  That’s my personal preference.
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