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REVIEW: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Phase 1 Workouts

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution PHASE 1 Workouts: Low-impact, results-focused moves to build core strength, stability, and endurance. Puts you on the fast track to weight loss with a metabolic makeover. Two front of the body focused workouts, two back of the body, and a lower impact cardio workout all at lower intermediate level to get you started. You will work on workouts 1 & 2 for the first two weeks of the program and then move into workouts 3 & 4 for the next 2 weeks, mixing in the cardio workout as you go. See below for detailed reviews of all the Phase 1 workouts.

Jillian Michaels, 2012

Jillian works out in a gym set with a group of toned background exercisers. Each dvd is in one folder as pictured above. You will need dumbbells and tubing for some of the exercises. Each workout is in Jillians favored circuit format with each exercise being performed for about 1 minute and then repeating the circuits. Each workout contains a built in warmup and cooldown. 

Workout 1 Front Body: (32 min) Exercises include unweighted squats, knee pushups, plank, pec fly, circle run, unweighted plies, standing abductions, speed bag, tri kickbacks, chair squats & front raise, overhead tri press, warrior hold, marching, standing quad extensions, bicycle, lat raise, and side step squats.

Workout 2 Back Body: (36 min) Exercises include bird dog, single leg bridge, superman, side knee pulls, static lunge & torso twist, rows, bicep drags, lo impact ham curls, dead & curl, donkey kicks, crunches, cable row, good mornings, weighted step knee up, hammer curl, and semi-squat & upper cut.

Workout 3 Front Body: (36 min) Exercises include pushups, unweighted dips, walk out planks, jump rope, down dog ankle grabs, plie & French press, camel toe touches, squat & military press, plank to crescent, tri dips, side crunches, plie hops, tree & side raise, elevator planks, V knee pulls, and moguls. 

Workout 4 Back Body: unweighted lunges, static squat & row, single leg deadlift & row, skaters, side lunge & bi curl, high & wide row, weighted knee hops, moguls, side lunge & bi curl, weighted surrenders, plank leg lifts, lying weighted side leg raises, hollow man, fast feet, upper back cable pulls, good mornings, penguin heel taps, and punch combos. 

Cardio 1: (26 min) Exercises include marching, jogging, fast feet, punches, scissors, speed bag, soccer drill & arm circles, and suicides. 

These are low intermediate workouts, 1 & 2 being less intense than the 3 & 4 . Jillian wastes little time and gets right to work. You can easily modify these up or down by adding weights or using no weights. Jillian offers modifications up & down for some exercises. The strength workouts also include some cardio exercises to keep the heart rate up. These are athletic style workouts that easy to follow. I received these dvds to review. 
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