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Q&A With Pilates Pro Lisa Hubbard (10-11-2012)

The Belles recently had the pleasure of reviewing Lisa Hubbard‘s new workout from Element: Accelerated Pilates with Resistance Band and loved the workout so much, we couldnt wait to get a Q&A session going with Lisa. Lisa Hubbard is the Creator and Founder of Rhythm Pilates™ and is a Faculty Member for world renowned BASI Pilates®.  She is an internationally recognized Pilates figure in the industry and has been featured in many award winning Pilates projects and in addition to her dance background, she holds certifications in GYROTONIC®, Yoga and owns a successful private Pilates studio in Southern California Below are her responses to some fun and motivational questions that we can all benefit from.

Belles: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved in the fitness industry?
Lisa: I have always loved movement, especially Dance. It has always been a passion of mine.  As I was seeking help with my dance technique & form, I was referred to BASI Pilates, Founder Rael Isacowitz. Two-years passed & I graduated from the BASI Pilates Teacher Training Program (2000) and then become a BASI Pilates Faculty, 2007. I am the Creator and Founder of Rhythm Pilates, which combine Pilates & Dance and is choreographed to music.
Belles:There is quite a bit of emphasis these days on the importance of strengthening the core – or powerhouse. Why do you feel it is important to train the core? How does Pilates help in that regard?
Lisa: Not only are the physical attributes of the Pilates method desirable, but the many health benefits that are associated with the method make it so desirable. The core/powerhouse are muscles that support the lower spine. It is our internal support system and offers support to our organs and vertebrae. By strengthening our core muscles, we benefit in injury prevention and those suffering from back pain, the Pilates method relieves or eliminates back pain. The bonus is that you develop lean muscle rather than bulky ones.
Belles: One common myth out there is, “No Pain, No Gain.” How do you convince hard-core exercisers that high intensity isnt always the best form of exercise?
Lisa:I have convinced gym goers to try Pilates, assuring them that Pilates will give results that far exceed traditional exercise, and that they will not have to work as hard! In just 30-sessions, anyone practicing Pilates will have a completely different physique and improved posture.
Belles: What advice do you have for people who want to start an exercise program but don’t know where to begin?
Lisa:Beginning a fitness program whatever it may be, should initially be done with a qualified trainer to ensure proper execution and selection of exercises depending on their goals. It is hard to break bad habits, so choose wisely who you work with.
Belles: Can you share with us a funny or fun fitness story?
Lisa:This Production Assistant on the Element: Total Body Pilates w/Mini Ball shoot was trying out The Clam. Speculators aren’t so sure!
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