Friday, June 27, 2014

Bai5: Low Calorie, Super Flavorful, Packed With Antioxidants

I was literally shocked at how delicious Bai5 drinks are! So full of flavor- you will swear you are biting into a piece of fresh fruit. Enjoy all the antioxidants and fresh taste with only FIVE calories per serving (2 servings per bottle). The taste is literally amazingly fresh- you will swear you are eating a fresh piece of fruit. I cant decide if I love the Molokai Coconut or the Congo Pear more- seriously you must try these! 100% Natural, antioxidant packed, gluten free, and low glycemic index make this delicious drink an even better choice!
Whats inside this ridiculously yummy beverage:

Coffeefruit: Bai5 containswhats on the outside of your coffee bean-  the juicy red protector of the coffee bean that we call superfruit.  Rich in free-radical fighting properties, that protect coffee beans against damaging UV rays with a rich red fruit. By the time coffee has been harvested and separated from its fruity covering a powerful resource of antioxidants has been created, one that we infuse into every bottle of Bai 5.

Antioxidants: The antioxidant-rich berries may have coffee in their name but each one is a free-radical fighting powerhouse that delivers refreshing, pure fruit flavor. Antioxidants are natural substances found in healthy foods and drinks that fight free radicals and stop the damaging process of oxidation. 

NO Artificial Sweeteners: Bai 5-Calorie Antioxidant Infusions, which deliver so much delicious great taste without calories and sugar! What is in Bai5  is 100% natural -they use a perfectly balanced combination of Organic Stevia and Erythritol to sweeten the entire line of flavorful Bai 5 beverages.

I highly, highly recommend you give Bai5 a try- I was shocked at the fresh taste and couldnt believe the LOW calorie count. Love that there are no artificial sweeteners and therefore, no artificial sweetener funny aftertaste. Nothing but fresh delicious & refreshing taste. Check out the Bai5 store locator to find some near you, or order Bai5 online.

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