Monday, August 4, 2014

My Live barre3 Scottsdale Studio Experience: Ballet, Pilates, Yoga Fusion

barre3 Scottsale: 15551 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Ste. 120, Karie Johnson

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the newest barre3 studio in Scottsdale and take a class with the studio owner Karie Johnson. Barre3 is an innovative fitness system and global network of studios inspired by the disciplines of yoga, Pilates and ballet barre work, dont let this fool you - this is a serious workout! Karie is a fantastic instructor that offers modifications for all exercisers, making her barre3 workouts accessable to all fitness levels. The studio is amazing and Karie is top notch. I felt welcome and part of the barre3 family as soon as I stepped in the door. Keep reading to learn more about barre3, Karie Johnson, and my experience with their new studio in Scottsdale. In just five years, barre3 has grown from a single studio in Portland, Oregon to over 70 locations. I am thrilled to share with you my opportunity to visit the newest barre3 studio in Scottsdale.

Check out the barre3 studio locator on their website to find a studio near you so you can enjoy a live class. If you cant find a studio near you - good news is, barre3 offers online workouts, nutritional programs, a new line of fitness DVD’s for all of us DVD junkies out there (stay tuned for detailed reviews on my blog). Barre3 even has a mobile app and a new LOVE YOUR LOWER BODY book. Basically barre3, offers something for every exerciser! Check out a live class shot:

Barre3 signature workouts balance strength training through isometric holds and small, one-inch movements with seamless recovery stretches. Karie did a fantastic job providing form pointers, workout modifications, and motivation throughout the class. The class I had the pleasure of attending had exercisers of all fitness levels and Karie ensured everyone was included and everyone got a top notch workout. I got a FANTASTIC workout with barre3 and cannot wait to go back. My legs were quaking by the end of the 60 minute class and I could feel the burn in my core for a few days after. I love the use of the barre for balance, the small ball to up the intensity of inner thigh and core work, and love love love that Karie includes stretches throughout the workout - just when your muscles need it. I will definitely be back to visit Karie in Scottsdale. 

Here is the lobby & check in area, and they have an adorable play area for the little ones! Never an excuse to miss a barre3 class. I loved that the play area had stuffed vegetables - start the healthy living early!

Unlike other barre-inspired workouts, barre3 incorporates larger, functional movements with low-impact cardio to jumpstart the metabolism and re-oxygenate the body.  We used light handweights, which the studio had a variety of pounage to choose from, a yoga strap to really get the most out of our stretches, a small inflatable ball, and the barre. The Scottsdale studio featured two spacious studios. Both have natural cork floors to really absorb the impact, tons of mirrors, and of course barres around the perimeter. Here I am, check me out right before our class began. Gorgeous studio right?

The second studio room had a garage style door installed so they can open it to get fresh air during the cooler winter months (this is AZ afterall). As an AZ resident, I cannot wait to take a class in the cooler months & enjoy the fresh air in this studio.

I had an amazing experience at the Scottsdale barre3 studio and cannot thank Karie & barre3 enough! I will most definitley be back to enjoy another class with Karie soon. If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and check them out! You will love the burn and your body will reap the benefits. Stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of some of the new barre3 fitness dvds and also more info about their fab online workout options!

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  1. Great review. I love Barre3! I've been doing tons of their workouts lately, mostly online. There is a new studio opening 45 minutes from me. Can't wait to try a live workout this fall!

  2. oh fun!!! I know you will enjoy the class! It was a real BURNER!!!! Im excited to try their online & DVD offerings!!!