Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tracie Long's FitPrime G-Force Review

FitPrime G-Force
Tracie Long, 2004

Tracie leads this 53 min rebouding + weights workout alone in a mansion-esque set. You will need weighted gloves, dumbbells, and a rebounder for this workout. The dvd is fully chaptered. Tracie wears the weighted gloves for the entire workout.

After a warmup, the workout contains three cardio rebounding sections, each followed by a shorter strength routine and concludes with a cooldown. Rebounding exercises include: hi knee jog with clean & press or bi curls, side to side jumps, forward & back jumps, twists, double jog, jacks, front -side- and back kicks, football shuffle, split jumps on/off rebounder, march/ jog, hops, stepping on & off the rebounder, and hop scotch. Strength work includes: rows, bi curls, leg press, dips, pushups, tri dips, crunches, wiper legs, rolling back to V hold & bounce, leg drops, side knee drops, and sit up variations.

I rate this a solid intermediate but with any rebounding workout you can vastly vary the intensity depending on how you bounce. Tracies form instruction and cuing are impeccable as usual and the routine is very easy to follow without being boring at all. The strength segments break up the rebounding and keep it very interesting. One of the best rebounding routines I have ever done.

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