Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rapidforce Physio Hybrid Shapes: 15X Stronger than Kinesiology Tape

ATTENTION all home exercisers, runners, gym junkies, fitness fanatics, and everyone activeRAPIDFORCE phs shapes are new products dedicated to innovative, simple solutions to muscle support and pain management. Based on the science of physiology and movement, RAPIDFORCE phs shapes serve as an external muscular-skeletal layer, providing unprecedented support. RAPIDFORCE phs lifts the muscle which results in numerous benefits including muscle support, pain relief, increased blood flow and improved range of motion. These are PERFECT for all your sports & fitness injuries and strains. 

I use them on my knee & ankle when I do my 5k, 10k, or 15k runs. They are very supportive and are super easy to use. I love that they are sleek and stick right to the skin. No more bulky knee braces or ankle wraps. They even work great on the obstacle races, mud runs, and can get wet. They are very easy to use. I put mine on the night before so that its ready to go, since the races are SO early here. Whenever my knee and ankle give me problems I use these. They come in a variety of shapes which are specifically designed for different muscle groups. 

They are so much easier to use than kinesiology tapes. Ive tried other tapes & I have to use a YouTube video to try to figure them out, then I have to measure, cut, etc. Its a pretty big ordeal lol. I love the ease of just being able to peel and apply the RapidForce phs shapes. I also love that the shapes contour to that muscle group quick & easy like. They are super strong and really stay put. Here is the I Shape that can be used on your ankle or on your feet. I love that each option includes a description of what ailment it is designed for and easily shows you where to stick! 

RapidForce, an innovative muscle support and pain relief adhesive application, announced today a strategic partnership with professional tennis player John Isner. Currently the highest-ranked male American tennis player, Isner wears RapidForce during competitions to help with knee support. He is wearing it as he competes this week at the 2014 US Open Tennis Championships. Here are the three knee options they offer:

You can really tell that RapidForce is fifteen times stronger than other kinesiology tape products. RapidForce Physio Hybrid Shapes are a revolutionary hybrid of a brace and kinesiology tape. The pre-cut compression fabric shapes aid in pain reduction and improved stability for the most frequent musculoskeletal issues and injuries. The shapes are engineered to deliver endurance, stability and pain relief to athletes and fitness enthusiasts during times of muscle and joint soreness and discomfort. With the perfect balance of strength and elasticity, the shapes apply the right amount of force to support the muscles without inhibiting natural movement.  This force aids the body to bring new oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the sore or injured area to help facilitate healing.

The Physio Hybrid Shapes are adhesive applications that are applied directly to your skin and remain on for up to five days. The shapes were designed using the science of physiology and movement to mimic the muscle structure of the body. Each shape has a center point where it gives the most structure and support and 'arms' that borrow stability and strength from underlying muscles, tendons and ligaments, providing reinforcement and increased circulation to the injured area.

“Engineered to give you stability like a brace and flexibility like kinesiology tape in one easy to use, comfortable product, nothing else like them exists on the market today,” said Smith.  “Physio because we actually make a physiological change for people reducing pain and fluid build-up; Hybrid because we are the only product that is a hybrid of tapes and a brace and Shapes because we have pre-cut anatomically designed shapes like nothing else on the market.”

Unique Design:
  • 15X stronger than kinesiology tape
  • Compression fabric flexibility
  • 1-5 day wear
  • Easy to apply and wear
  • Acrylic medical-grade adhesive formula, hypo-allergenic and latex free
  • Seven pre-cut shapes for the legs, knees, ankles/feet, shoulders, back, arms/elbow
Promotes Healing:
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Improves joint stability
  • Improves blood flow
  • Increases range of motion
  • Promotes healing and recovery

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