Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cluck n' Moo: Grass Fed, Antibiotic Free, Humanely Raised Chicken & Beef Burgers Now with Kale!

Super excited about my recent find Cluck 'n Moo! It is a unique, healthy & delicious burger! Cluck n' Moo burgers contain grass fed chicken and beef and now they have a yummy variety that contains Kale. I had the pleasure of trying this new variety and I LOVE it! Both DH & I really enjoyed our Cluck n' Moo burgers and we will definitely be adding these to our meal plans. Preshaped burgers make grilling, baking, or broiling these burgers super easy. A delicious and nutritious meal is at your fingertips! Keep reading to learn more. 

The new kale variety is a new spin on their original half-chicken, half-beef burger. They have now infused America's favorite superfood, kale, in the already healthier burger alternative. What a great way to get more greens in your day. Without buying extra ingredients, and without any extra prep- you get yummy, nutritious kale right in your Cluck n' Moo burger.  The new Cluck 'n Moo Burger with Kale retains the flavor and juiciness of the original Cluck 'n Moo burger while adding in the nutritional benefits of kale, providing us a healthy and satisfying alternative to a typical calorie-filled beef burger.

We tossed our Cluck n' Moo burgers on the grill and they were amazing. We used flat whole grain buns, and some bbq sauce, grilled onions & mushrooms for a really amazing burger that is good for us and we felt good about eating. I would highly recommend Cluck n' Moo to you!

Of course I have to point out that their chickens & cows are grass fed! Their cows & chickens are humanely raised and are antibiotic free. This is very important to me in the food I consume. The burgers are certified gluten free, paleo, and contains a lot less fat, calories, and sugar than your average burger. 

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