Monday, March 16, 2015

Activz Whole-Food Powders: Super Delicious, Nutritious & Versatile!

If you  love smoothies like me you will LOVE Activz! it is a new, preservative-free line of powdered product that retains all the nutrition of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is perfect to use in your morning smoothie or protein shake and it is delicious in a huge variety of recipes. Activz is available in a large variety of flavors -all super healthy & all super versatile. Its patented dehydration process evaporates only water molecules, leaving the vital nutrients intact. Activz makes it easy to get your fruits and veggies in each & every day!

Too many of us eat mostly processed ingredients and synthetic vitamins made from chemicals. Activz provides the solution: whole foods with all the convenience and appeal of processed goodies, but none of the problems. This is whole-food nutrition. Simplified. You can use their pumpkin powder instead of pumpkin puree in recipes - talk about space savings, no more cans! They even have a coconut powder that you can mix with water to make your own coconut water! So cool. You can even use it in your Thai cooking! 

Benefits I LOVE:

·        Reduce waste, making the most of every dollar spent.
·        Quickly and easily add nutrition to the foods people already eat.
·        Help parents sneak healthy food into their kids' meals. Call it “Stealth Health.”
·        Keep for years and don’t require refrigeration.
·        Have the same nutrition as their original whole foods.
·        Contain no added colors, flavors or nutrients.
·        Contain no artificial ingredients.

I really love the recipes in their all-new Activz recipe book, “The Simple Scoop: 150+ Ways to Make Delicious, Nutrition-Packed Meals Using Activz Whole-Food Powders.” It contains so many yummy ideas and ways to use your Activz powders, from soups, sauces, smoothies, main dishes, desserts, salad dressings, and so much more!

Activz fruit and vegetable powders are the easiest way to get more whole foods in your diet. Their powders provide the same nutrition as fresh produce but dramatically reduce the time, effort and stress it usually takes to store, prepare and use fresh produce. I can only get to the grocery store once per week and sometimes my fresh produce just doesnt last that long- the solution? Easy! Activz powders! Save space in your fridge and on your shelves. They taste great and retain their nutritional values. Great to take with you on vacations when you know you may not have access to fresh produce. 
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