Tuesday, March 17, 2015

REVIEW: Suzanne Bowen's BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn

BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn
Suzanne Bowen, 2014

This dvd contains three 17-26 minute routines, and 2 min warm up & a 12 min stretch routine. You can play all or select a workout from the menu. You will need light dumbbells and a chair (or barre). Suzanne works barefoot w/ 2 backgrounders, all working at different intensities.

Cardio Sculpt: (17 min) Exercises include: weighted plie pulse, pivot & reach plie, plie with shoulder work & heel raises, lunge glute pinch & tri kickbacks, balance work, closed stance plie with pulses & hip shifts, curtsy elbow to knee pull, and travel plie w/ lat & front raise. 

Cradio Core: (17 min) Exercises include chair, plie torso shift, plie hip shifts, plie reach arounds, static 
side lunge leg raises with big arms, closed stance heel plie hip tucks, plank jacks, plank -pike, plank shifts, plank knee pulls, modified side plank hip lifts, V leg drops, bicycle, and superman swimmers. 

Extreme Cardio Fat Burn (26 min): This is a 20/10 tabata, 4 exercises followed by a barre style toning exercise. Exercises include skater, knee hop, closed stance plie pulse w/ arm pulls, plyo jacks, side toe tap plie, split stance hinge over, balance stick, jumps, dip & kick, plank, Mt climber, plank knee drops, straight let donkey kick, and a stretch. 

I rate these solid to high intermediate routines. Suzannes instruction is top notch and her cuing & form pointers are outstanding. The cardio routine was very unique & lower impact but def got my heart rate up. Very well rounded routines & lots of variety.  I received this dvd to review. 

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