Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese: AMAZING RIGHT OUT OF THE PACKAGE

I had the pleasure of trying Follow Your Heart dairy free vegan cheese and it is SO good! It melts well and tastes like real dairy cheese. If you are lactose intolerant, vegan or vegetarian this is a MUST try! Are you ready for a vegan cheese that tastes great straight out of the package? We’re so excited to announce our new Follow Your Heart® vegan cheeses and share them with you and your friends and family. It is not chalky or chewy- it really does taste great. It has coconut oil in it so its also heart healthy. And guess what- they are non-GMO!!! Does life get any better than this? They do have an organic variety as well!

Follow Your Heart is so good straight out of the package, melted, shredded, virtually any way you can imagine! Both DH & I really enjoyed them and DH usually is opposed to anything out of his norm. He enjoyed a piece of American straight out of the package, the mozzarella shredded in his lasagna, and the provolone melted on his bison burger. 

Follow Your Heart is Available in:

· Provolone slices, blocks, and snacks – Just as flavorful as the Italian classic, with a creamy taste and texture that’s so irresistible, you won’t be able to stop at one bite.

· American slices, blocks, and snacks – Inspired by the classic favorite, this “cheese” has the mild flavor and creamy texture that kids love, with none of the artificial ingredients.

· Garden Herb slices and blocks – Elevate your vegan cheese experience with this enticing Garden Herb, seasoned with an elegant blend of thyme and oregano. Delicious warm, melted or cold, and great for entertaining, this gourmet vegan cheese will be the hit of the party!

· Mozzarella slices and blocks – Mozzarella cheese is #1 for a reason, and this new vegan version rivals its dairy counterpart in both taste and texture. Shredded on top of your favorite Italian dish, it melts into creamy deliciousness. Even eaten straight out of the package, this mozzarella is a crowd pleaser!

I have tried a lot of dairy free cheeses and Follow Your Heart has really nailed it! Texture & taste are both great. Love that it melts and also tastes great cold. From the makers of Vegenaise - I should have known I would love their cheeses! No soy means its also great for those that do not eat soy. Find a store near you.

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