Thursday, March 19, 2015

Denise Austin's 10 Week 360° Plan Total Body Toning

Denise's new 10 Week 360° Plan is a new customizable 10-week health and fitness plan that combines everything Denise knows about exercise, nutrition and motivation all in one place. The plan includes online access to her TV shows, new workouts, health & nutrition plans, customized menu options, online forums, and so much more. Her Total Body Toning workout, detailed below, is available to stream on the Denise Austin website with the 10 Week, 360 Plan and available on DVD as an add-on to the system. 

Total Body Toning
Denise Austin, 2014

Denise leads this 36 minute strength workout with 2 backgrounders in a white studio. The workout contains three total body routine along with a warm up & cool down that flow from one routine to the next. You will need dumbbells for this DVD. 

Full Body Target Toning: Denise alternates lower body, upper, then core exercises: deadlift, upper back fly, standing hundreds, side lunge, tri kickback, standing core work, dips, rows, plank, donkey kicks, double crunches, & reverse plank. 
Time Saving Circuit: This workout features multi muscle combo moves. Exercises include dip-knee up & bi curl, lunge & twist, squat and 1 arm overhead press, single leg deadlift & push backs, chest press & hip lifts, lat pull over with leg extensions, pec fly double crunch, supermans, and weighted twists. Trim & Tone Mix Body: exercises include curtsy dips, windmill, lo hip pushbacks & weight extensions, plie & pull, weighted knee to elbow pull, lower crunches, knee drops, and crunches. 

Done following Denises poundage this is an intermediate routine. You can easily make this workout more or less challenging by using heavier weights. Denise uses very light weights for this routine. The pace is perfect and there is no wasted time. I received this dvd to review.

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  1. Good post. I am doing cardio, yoga about 30 minutes daily. But I would add this to my workout routine for sure.

  2. Strength training def helped me lean out - though I could stand to lean some more lol. Let me know if you give it a try :)