Saturday, March 28, 2015

FroYo5k: #WillRunForFroyo

Was a fun race, great event, good friends, yummy yogurt, nice swag, awesome weather. Def not my best time but oh well. Im slower this season than I was last season. Im up a few lbs, my ankle is aching, my knee is a bit stiff but I am dissapointed in the slower pace. I even went out and ran a few times this year. Sniffle. Im very competitive so I was hoping to do better. But still a fun event. If the FroYo5k comes to your area- I would def recommend it. It was very well organized, had good music, good swag, and a lot of volunteers. 

While Im not a runner, I do enjoy these races. I mostly work out alone at home, so its a fun chance for group activity and to get outdoors. Our race season is running down as it is already getting warm. 

I did a sprint, to what I though was the finish line, turns out it was the 2 mile marker. Damnit. I was a little dizzy and then had another mile to go. My bad....I thought the end came really soon but then started validating it in my head "oh the water station must have been at the 1.5 mile, not the 1 mile" "oh it just went fast cuz I practiced a few runs" lol shoulda known. Will prob use my Nike app with the GPS tracker next race so that doesnt happen again. 

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