Friday, March 27, 2015

Cathe Friedrich Ripped With HiiT Review: Circuit Upper Body

Ripped with HiiT Circuit Upper Body
Cathe Friedrich, 2014

Cathe & 4 backgrounders work out in a gym with a city view. You will need dumbbells for this 46 minute explosive plyo, HiiT cardio, and upper body strength workout. Each of the drill style exercise is performed for 8-12 reps. The 2 bonus ab routines are included on each DVD in this set. As always, there a TON of premix options and the DVD is fully chaptered.

After warming up, exercises include: squat & overhead press, swing & bow & arrow pull, jacks, low jacks, demi lunge & upper back fly, dip & shoulder work,  lat row, rapid fire double butt kick jumps, lunge & kick, squat & dumbbell to knee oblique twist, line taps, diagonal reach & press, lunge & bi curls, snow boarder 180 floor touch hops, side lunge & chop, upright row to snatch, pliet heel click jacks, skater, weighted marching sumos, split stance deadlift & front raise, plyo sump to French press, kickbacks, V hold & pec fly, burpee -pushups to air jacks, and a cooldown & stretch.

This is an advanced workout but Cathe does provide rest breaks right when you need them. Lots of fun, unique exercises. Cathe uses moderate weights for this routine as the pace is quicker to keep the heart pumping and the calories burning. Cathes instruction is, as always, excellent. Plenty of variety and easy drill style calisthenic make this a great, get in-get out-get sweaty-no dread workout. I did not receive this DVD to review.

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