Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pride 5K ~ Rainbows ~ Unicorns ~ Hood A$$ Gangsta's & So Much More ~

I'm doing the Pride 5K this year. Did the 10k last year. The start times & price are the same, so I may sneak in on the 10...we shall see. I havent ran since December. Anyway, my gal pal got us these custom made iron on's Gangsta & Hood rainbow unicorns so we put them on our tank tops & with the fab socks we ordered, we are set! Cant wait. It was a great race last year & Im sure it will be again this year. This is the last race I have scheduled for the year. The only other one I have planned is TODAY! I have a Froyo 5K race I am doing today. Stay tuned for pics. 

Heres the socks

and I really love rainbows (and unicorns! And you know people, all people)

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