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Denise Austin’s 10 Week, 360° Plan Review: Beachy Bootcamp

Denise's new 10 Week 360° Plan is a new customizable 10-week health and fitness plan that combines everything Denise knows about exercise, nutrition and motivation all in one place. The plan includes online access to her TV shows, new workouts, health & nutrition plans, customized menu options, online forums, and so much more. Her Beachy Bootcamp workout, detailed below, is available to stream on the Denise Austin website with the 10 Week, 360 Plan and available on DVD as an add-on to the system. 

Denise Austin, 2014

Denise leads this 50 minute strength & cardio workout alone in an open studio with 2 background exercisers on a lovely beach. The workout contains 2 workouts with their own quick warm ups and a cool downs.
 You will need dumbbells and tubing for these routines.

Triple Interval Training: Exercises include butt kicks, hi knee run, side lunge & lunges, deadlift, row, dead-row combo, crunches reverse crunches, running, jacks, skater, jump rope, twists, pec fly & bridge, bridge & chest press, bicycle, mambo, 180 degree surfer hops, plie front raise, V row, knee pushups, knee side plank, kicks, football shuffle, punches, burpee, lunge & curl, dip & tri, and a plank series. 
Lean in 20 Minutes: Torso twist adding a knee pull, pendulum, tubing side step, side leg raise, upper back fy, floor tubing leg drops, running, scissors, plyo lunge, knee pulls, squat & curtsy, bi curl, rotator cuff work, waistline chops, twists, power walk up & back, jacks, mogul, jogging, front raise to overhead tris, tri push backs, situps, and tri dips.

These are intermediate routinesI received this dvd to review. LOVE the beachy background and the cardio mixed in with the

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