Saturday, April 18, 2015

Phoenix Pride 5K FUN!

Phoenix Pride 2015 

We did this race last year and it was great again this year. Did the 10k last year, didnt feel like doing all that this year so just did the 5k. Got lotsa swag and this was one of my best times. I have one other 5k a few seconds faster though that course was short of an actual 5k so I was very happy with my time. I guess it all just depends on the course, the weather and how my fast my body wants to go on any given day. I was about 5 minutes faster than my 5k from last month. Had not ran since...go figure. My time was 30:11

The medal is very cool again this year 

Here is our very own sign of support cheering us on at the finish line. Hilarious 

And a watermarked photo of me crossing the finish line.

And here are my stats:

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