Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review: EVOLUTION20 by Christine Bullock: Phase 1 Workouts

 Christine's EVOLUTION20 system contains ten workouts on two DVDs.  The workouts are structured in this system to provide peak results in only 20 minutes a day. Get in, get out & git fit with EVOLUTION20. Disc one is phase one and disc two is phase two- build up to the workouts on level two, though level one still provides challenging workouts that will shred fat & get you the lean physique you want. Read below for a detailed review of each of the five workouts in Phase I and stay tuned on the blog for reviews of Phase 2.

Christine Bullock, 2015

This DVD contains five 20 minute workouts. Christine works out with 2 backgrounders, both showing varying intensities and Christine working out at somewhere in between. You will not need any equipment for these workouts. The set is a nice open brick style gym. Each workout contains a quick warm up & cool down.

Power: You will perform 3 circuits of 4 exercises each. Exercises include lunge to squat, fast feet -tuck jumps, elevator plank to pushup, sprinter sit ups, knee up jumps, cross punch & jump, crab kick & reach, crunch & knee pull, floor touch 180 jumps, burpees, plank to side plank, and plyo donkey kicks.

Endurance: You perform 2 exercises, repeat them and then move on. Exercises include: sump side reach, heel click jacks, elevator plank, Mt climber, scissor jumps, push up to side plank, burpee, single leg bridge, 3 leg crab kicks, jogger sit ups, and V punches.

Agility: This workout contains mini-combos and the moves build on each other. The work in this section is nonstop. Exercises include: toe taps, grapevine, jumps, jump & punch, fast feet, jacks, shuffle speed bag, side push, and sprinkler.

Balance: Exercises in this core intensive yoga inspired routine are: cat cow, bird dog adding elbow to knee pull, down dog, rag doll, 3 leg dog, plank knee pull variations, toe pliets, crescent pose, side plank knee raise, up dog, warrior poses, tree, and superman.

Foundation: Exercises in this yoga & strength fusion workout include Mt. climber, 1/2 roll down, V twists, hundred, pilates bike, rolling like a ball, low back work, side plank hip drops, side lying leg series, bridge kicks, V flutter kicks & hold and concludes with rolling like a ball to standing.

I rate these high intermediate routines following Christine. Def some advanced exercises mixed in there, but easy to follow one of the 3 mods to get a workout just your own. Christine has a great personality, is motivating but not over the top & provides great pointers & motivation. Unique workouts that accomplish a lot in only 20 minutes. I received this DVD to review. 

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