Thursday, May 7, 2015

FitnessGlo: Online Workouts From Popular Instructors in ALL Genres, Lengths, & Intensities!

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FitnessGlo offers a ton of online workouts. You can choose your workout genre, length, intensity, or even by instructor. You will recognize a ton of popular fitness instructors: Amy Dixon, Michelle Dozois, Petra Kolber, and many more. They offer a ton of genres: dance, strength, barre, HiiT, pilates, step, tabata, yoga fusion and so much more- you will never get bored. FitnessGlo has workouts from 5 - 60 minutes and everything in between in every fitness level - they truly have something for every exerciser out there. Just starting out or need a structured plan to keep you on track? They offer beginner to advanced rotations, individual workouts, and much more! FitnessGlo offers more than 600 workouts! Keep reading to learn more. 

You can even get a free 15 day trial of FitnessGlo to see how much you will actually enjoy it! No room for DVDs, travel a lot, or just want to mix up your routine? Check out FitnessGlo for only $12 a month! That is less than the cost of most fitness DVDs and if youre like me you buy more than one per month. 

Here is a small sampling of what FitnessGlo has to offer:

1. Strengthening the Core A strong core helps perfect your balance, making activities like surfing and golf easier. To focus on the core muscle groups, FitnessGlo offers a Strength Core Class, an effective, 20-mintue intensive core workout for great results.

2. Lower-Body Work. If you love rock climbing or water skiing, then lunges and squats are a must. For an express lower body sculpting class, Fitness Glo's 15-minute Lower Body Burn Class, will focus on building the key muscle groups to help you get the most out of your favorite outdoor activities.

3. Aerobic Conditioning and Endurance. Summer sports like cycling and beach volleyball are very demanding aerobic activities and having a strong cardio routine helps you perform at a higher level for an extended period of time. Aim for three to five high-intensity interval workouts per week such as FitnessGlo's 60-minute Cardio Athletic Class

FitnessGlo is dedicated to giving women a more empowering fitness experience that helps them feel good in the bodies they have right now. This online fitness community features high-quality fitness videos that help women get moving and feeling good about themselves through flexible workout options, a supportive environment and connection with experienced instructors. With more than 600 high-quality HD videos to choose from, FitnessGlo offers something for every fitness level and workout preference.

Check out their 8 week programs. They offer a beginner, advanced, and intermediate option. Its like having your own trainer building a workout program for you! Love that they offer structure and the freedom to do whatever workout you want each day and all at a super affordable price. 

For More Information, Visit: 
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