Wednesday, September 2, 2015

TANGOFLEX Method: Revolutionary Flexibility Training by Victoria Sarquisse

TANGOFLEX Method Revolutionary Flexibility Training
Victoria Sarquisse, 2015

This set contains 2 DVD's in one plastic DVD case along with an informative stretching insert. DVD one contains an intro and a 50 Minute TANGOFLEX Full Body Workout. DVD 2 contains a 5 Minute Lower Back Stretch & Relieve Back Pain Routine, a 10 Minute Balance Routine, & a 15 Minute Core Strength Routine. Victoria works out alone in an open space & you wont need any equipment for these routines. A small box on the screen shows Victoria doing easier variations of some stretches.

TANGOFLEX Full Body Workout: This routine focuses on balance, coordination, and flexibility. You begin with lying breath work, supine leg circles, a supine stretch series for flexibility including: hip, hamstring, lower back and lower body stretches. A seated stretch routine including spinal twist, leg stretches adding chest openers, figure 4 stretch, fold over hamstring stretch, wide straddle stretch adding torso rotation and side reaches, runners stretch, a splits series, ragdoll, standing balance work, and neck stretches.

15 Minute Core Strength Routine: This routine intersperses core work & flexibility training. You begin with a lying stretch, then move into single leg bridge with leg circles, various "ocho" series, single leg & arm boat, seated C curve, runners stretches, warrior poses, standing straddle leg rag doll with rotation, and standing stretches.

5 Minute Low Back Stretch Routine: You will use a chair for balance in this routine. Work includes back arches with & w/out balance assistance, hip rotation, bent over back arches, and flowing back arches & curves.

10 Minute Balance Routine: shifts, heel raises, twists adding heel raises, side lean & leg abduction pose, chest openers, balance stick with rotation, standing leg circles, and hip openers.

This routine is appropriate for all fitness levels, it does contain a few advanced poses (splits) but Victoria provides modification options when needed. Victoria is extremely knowledgeable and provides excellent form pointers & great info as you go. This is a very unique routine that really focuses on stretching, elongation, balance & coordination - all aspects of fitness that are often overlooked. A lot of great content in this set! I received this dvd to review.

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