Monday, October 12, 2015

Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series: Fusion 50 Review

Ready to shock your body? Then you are ready for Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series. All new workouts from Darby Brender & all your Fusion Fitness ladies in one super cute set. The set includes five DVDs each in its own plastic DVD case in one convenient cardboard sleeve . Each DVD is 50-60 minutes and each will get your heart pumping, and your muscles burning! These are fast paced, advanced workouts that will have you sweating in no time. Each DVD has a different focus and are super unique from one another. Read my review of disk 4 below.

Dream Body Cardio Series: Fusion 50
Brooke Degnan, 2013

Brooke leads this 50 minute routine in a cute studio with 2 backgrounders. One shows some modifications. You will need paper plates (or gliding discs), light weights, a band, and a small inflatable ball for this workout. After a warm up the workout is about 20 minutes cardio followed by 20 min strength & a stretch. The DVD has a music only option. 
The workout is composed of short timed interval sets, then repeated on the other side. 

Cardio exercises include knee pulls & relovet hops, rocking horse, floor touch & kick, hand stand kick ups, single leg plank to pike using paper plates, single arm burpee & tri kick, plyo pendulum and standing side leg circles, plank moguls, 180 hops & core twists, floor touch jacks, weighted arm circles, and weighted speed bag with soccer feet.

Toning work includes down dog pushups with a heel clap in the air, balance tri series with the ball behind one knee, single leg tri pushups, single leg plank with the ball behind the knee for donkey kicks, floor core work using the ball and weights, tri dip sliding your behind through your arms, V hold & inner thigh ball squeeze, bridge hold, and leg drops. 

This is a non-stop advanced routine that will work up a sweat & burn a ton of calories; you literally do not stop or break until the workout is over! You use the light weights for the entire cardio portion and it really ups the intensity. This routine hits the core, tris, shoulders & some lower body. Though not chaptered you could easily do just the cardio portion or forward to the strength portion to shorten the workout. Brooke is very motivating and provides good form reminders. I received this DVD to review.

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