Thursday, October 15, 2015

Infinity Jars: The World's Best Glass Jars ~ Preserve Freshness, Light-Proof, Filters UV Light & MORE

As you probably know I am starting to make some of my own health & beauty products. So in my search for quality ingredients I had to consider quality containers. You cant use plastic, besides the obvious, the essential oils degrade plastic. And your glass jars cant be clear glass because the light will breakdown your ingredients quicker. So when googling the best jars I came across Infinity Jars. When the opportunity to review them arose, I jumped for joy. Infinity Jars are dark black glass- very sleek looking! They can actually slow down the decaying process of organic matter while maintaining the freshness of whatever you put inside. What sets Infinity Jars apart from all other jars is that it blocks out all harmful visible light rays while selectively ALLOWING infrared and UV-A rays. These are great for spices, coffee, DIY products, natural ingredients, and anything else you want to preserve.

Pretty sleek right? I love them for my infused olive oils, which are very expensive to preserve their shelf life. They are also amazing for spices. You can really taste the difference when your spices are stale. Check out their special offers below and take advantage of them now. They offer a huge variety of jar sizes and styles, something for everything basically. 

Infinity Jars' special pigmented glass is thicker and more durable than your standard glass; it is smell-proof, blocks harmful UV light,  and you cant see through the glass so unattractive herbs are hidden from sight. I love their jar lid systems, the screwtop and glass-on-glass lids, are completely airtight. Your products are totally protected, preserved much like ancient Egyptians- who invented deep violet glass thousands of years ago and preserved precious oils and herbs for centuries in tombs. The integrity of your lotions, essential oils or spices is guaranteed to be protected for over 6 months when you use Infinity Jars!

Want some proof of how fab these jars are? Check this out: 7 Month Tomato Test. This is a lab test between an Infinity Jars all glass apothecary jar and clear glass equivalent. The tomato in the clear glass had mold and microbiological growth while Infinity Jars' tomato showed no signs of drying out and no loss of color. Imagine the difference it can make for any of your products.

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