Friday, January 1, 2016

Just Walk: Walk Off the Pounds 3 Different Miles DVD Review

Just Walk: Walk Off the Pounds 3 Different Miles
Leslie Sansone, 2015

This DVD contains a 3 mile walking workout. You can select a mile from the main menu or play all for a 48 minute walk. The DVD also contains a 14 min bonus core & back workout. Leslie walks with a group in a large studio. You wont need any equipment for this walk.

After a warm up exercises include walking, side step, kicks, knees, walking or jogging up & back, ham curls, double side step, side toe taps, low skaters, tap up & back, alternating walk & jog, grapevine, tap backs, low cardio lunges, squat & kick, mambo, and a cool down. Leslie adds arm movements to up the intensity.

Healthy Abs & Back: Exercises include supine knee raises, crunches, modified pullies, modified hundred, bridge, oblique work, bird dog series, knee plank, plank, childs pose, and a stretch. Leslie provides plenty of rest breaks & form pointers.

I rate this a low intermediate routine in terms of intensity with beginner choreography. Leslie is her usual bubbly self, providing motivation & pointers as you go. These walking workouts have been a lifesaver for me while Ive been dealing with my back issue. I used this one on my rebounder & really amped up the intensity! Converts very easily to the rebounder. I received this DVD to review.

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