Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hair Warrior: Protects Your Hair From Sweat & Heat, Reduces Frizziness & Fading, Adds Shine, Softness, & Body!

Hair Warrior is an innovative new product that I am SO excited about! When I work out, I sweat, a lot. The back of my hair is always dripping with sweat by the end of  a good workout. All that sweat and salt is left in your hair and it is damaging to your locks. Hair Warrior is heat activated so when you start heating up, Hair Warrior gets to work protecting your hair, strengthening it, and smoothing your hair. Think of Hair Warrior as an electrolyte for your hair. It will hydrate and protect your hair while you work out. Hair Warrior protects from sweat and heat that causes damage to your hair. This body heat activated fitness formula helps reduce frizziness and fading while adding shine, softness and body.

Hair Warrior is easy to use. Squeeze into your palm and work through your hair prior to your workout. It preserves my curls and keeps my hairdo looking fresher after my workouts in addition to saving it from all that salty sweat. My curls look less frizzed out and more in control after my workouts, which makes it easier to get on with my day after a sweaty workout. I workout in the evenings now so Hair Warrior has made it easier for me to transition into the rest of my day without having to refresh my hairdo.

I dont wash my hair every day so I love that Hair Warrior protects my hair, provides moisture -my curly hair really needs moisture especially in the dry desert heart, and strengthens those locks. Its easy to add some Hair Warrior to my hair before my workout to save my hairdo then to try to fix it later while its all sweaty. Hair Warrior protects your hair and you will notice improvement with use! Love it, so unique and a real lifesaver for my hair.

Hair Warrior is a heat-activated product, adding hydration and protection to each strand as the body sweats and heats up during activity. When the body sweats, the salt from perspiration damages and roughens the hair. Hair Warrior works hard when you do – preserving, strengthening and smoothing the hair’s strands. Hair Warrior is different from other hair protection products because the health of your hair will improve with each use. Not only does Hair Warrior replenish what has been lost, but also it will prevent damage to the hair at the same time.

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