Wednesday, August 3, 2016

myCharge PowerGear Sport Charger: Charge your Fitness Tracker on the Go! Don't Miss Counting a Single Step

myCharge PowerGear Sport Charger is the solution to you smartwatch and fitness tracker woes  and is great for training and workouts. Your smartwatch does come with one disadvantage: ­ batteries that need constant charging. If you forget to charge your fitness tracker at night and want to charge on the go, then you need myCharge PowerGear Sport Charger. Connecting it to a normal portable charger and tossing it in your gym bag can lead to a scratched watch face or worse!  myCharge PowerGear Sport Charger is easy to use and allows you to charge your smart watch while wearing it. With myCharge you will never miss counting a single step!

Keep your wearable charged day and night with the all new PowerGear Sport. Simply plug in your wearable charging cord into the USB port and place your wearable (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.) in the charging case. The charging case will protect your fitness tracker and provide a place to store all your cute interchangeable fashion bands. Never miss a day of tracking steps, miles or heart rate again! Ensure your fitness goals are in reach with the super portable PowerGear Sport that's perfect for charging, protecting and storing your fitness wearables.

The myCharge PowerGear product line is a combo case and portable charger designed especially for fitness trackers and smartwatches. The small case is rigid to protect devices while they are charging and in the bottom of the case is a small charger that a watch or tracker can be plugged into to supply up to 13 full charges before the case itself needs to be attached to a USB port for a power boost.

Keep your active lifestyle at full charge and do not miss a single step with myCharge! Mycharge is introducing two new power accessories for wearables. The new products include POWERGear-Sport, stylish pouches to protect and recharge fitness trackers, and POWERGear-Sound for ear buds. Designed to accommodate any Fitbit model and similar fitness tracking devices, the POWERGear-Sport can provide up to 10 recharges with a powerful 2000 mAh battery. The tough exterior keeps your fitness tracker safe and protected while charging, even when tossed into the bottom of a gym bag. The interior is a soft fabric that provides scratchproof cushioning for your fitness tracker. It closes with a magnet which makes accessing a recharged tracker a snap and an interior cable and band management system keeps everything organized.

A dead battery on headphones will quickly ruin any jam session, especially when traveling or working out. Instead of storing wireless ear buds in their original case, the POWERGear-Sound case protects ear buds like Beats while also recharging them via 1000 mAh battery. Similar to the POWERGear-Sport, the exterior of the POWERGear-Sound case is a hard shell for protection with a soft fabric lining inside and a friction-fit closure.

Features I LOVE:
  • Safe Cell™ Technology delivers 12 layers of battery and device protection against over-charge, under-charge, over-current, over-temperature and short circuit.
  • Max Power transfer moves power from the powerbank at the fastest speeds possible to the device being charged
  • SmartSense™ Technology ensures device compatibility eliminating those annoying “not compatible” messages as seen from many chargers in the market.
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