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Workout DVD Review: fe fit Stretch Flow Routines

The Fe Fit weight loss program contains 8 DVDs featuring 28 workouts. The workouts, all 30 minutes or less are from seven different workout genres, keeping your muscles guessing & keeping your metabolism revved. This 13-week program is fun, convenient and provides a support group of other women. The meaning of the Fe in the program name comes from the periodic table of elements, FE is iron, which is strong! The set is broken down into weeks, so you can easily follow along with this fab & effective program. Stay tuned on my blog to read detailed reviews of all the workouts in this amazing set!

Fe Fit Disc 8: Stretch Flow 
Hilary Chung, 2015
The Fe Fit Disc 8 DVD contains 4 separate stretch flow routines.  Each workout is about 20 minutes each. Hilary leads all of these routines in a cute barre studio with 3 backgrounders. You wont need any equipment for these routines.
Stretch Flow 1:  21 minutes. Stretches include: standing chest stretch, forward fold, side bends, shoulder & tri stretches, low back, neck, hamstring, runners lunge, kneeling hamstring, hip openers, cobra, childs pose, down dog pedals, crouching figure 4, seated v forward fold, butterfly, spinal twist, supine side knee drops, seated figure 4 stretch and concludes with 30 seconds of corpse pose.

Stretch Flow 2:
21 minutes. Stretches include neck rolls, side bends, down dog, dolphin, runners lunge adding a twist, cobra, cat cow, childs pose, bird dog, supine knee drops, roll over, bridge hold, bow, seated forward fold, butterfly, standing quad stretches, balance work, crouching figure 4, prayer, chest opener, ankle rolls, heel pedals, and butterfly stretch.
Stretch Flow 319 minutes. Stretches include head rolls, shoulder shrugs, neck stretches, supine leg drops, roll backs, bridge, cobra, bow pose, seated forward fold, quad stretch with a balance knee hold, crouching figure 4, twisted prayer, upper back, chest, side bends, forward fold, childs pose, cobra, down dog calf pedals and 50 seconds corpse pose. 

Stretch Flow 4: 28 minutes. Stretches include neck rolls, back & side bends, down dog, dolphin, runners lunge adding a twist, cobra, cat cow, childs pose, bird dog, supine leg drops, roll back, bridge hold, bow, seated forward fold, standing balance quad hold, chest opener, arm circles, seated straddle, lying knee drops, lying leg stretches, figure 4, and 30 seconds corpse pose.

I rate these stretch routines suitable for all fitness levels. They are a good mix of athletic & yoga without any advanced yoga routines. You hold the stretches for long enough to get into the muscles but these are not slow yoga flow routines. Great for those of us that need more stretching in our lives! Each routine is different but does contain some of the same footage. I received this DVD to review. 
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