Thursday, October 13, 2016

Skinny Pasta: ZERO NET CARBS, No Sugar, No Fat & Only 9 Calories Per Serving

With fall in full swing, September has come and gone. Did you know that September is the 2nd“heaviest month of the year” (with December as the 1st). The truth is, since we no longer have to work at maintaining our beach bodies during the fall, it’s easy to become more relaxed about our eating habits. Having healthy food swaps at your disposal is key to satisfying cravings and maintaining a desirable weight! For example, with a similar taste and texture as calorie-heavy pastas, Skinny Pasta! At only 9 calories per serving, free of: gluten, starch, wheat, lactose, soy, salt, cholesterol, fat & preservatives - Skinny Pasta can help you keep your beachbody all fall long! Keep reading to learn more. 

ZERO NET CARBS  No Sugar No Gluten No Starch No Wheat No Lactose No Soy No Salt No Cholestrol No Fat No Preservatives No Dairy

Traditional pasta contains 300-500 calories per serving along with flour, gluten, and water with empty carbs! Skinny Pasta has in the same size serving only 9 calories, no fat, no sodium, no gluten, and no cholesterol. Now thats a big difference!

Skinny Pasta can be a great part of your weight loss It has with only 9 calories per serving. Completely free of sugar, gluten, starch, wheat, lactose, soy, salt, cholesterol, fat and preservatives, Skinny Pasta is made with a unique ingredient known as the Konjac plant, which contains the healthy and all-natural water-soluble fiber, Glucomannan – allowing you to feel full without overeating when combined with 1-2 glasses of water.

Konjac products are very popular in the Japanese diet. When I lived there I enjoyed eating konjac and missed it when I came to the US. With Skinny Pasta I am happy to find my diet buddy konjac again!

The key role of any healthy eating routine is that you have to eat less calories, bad fats, and empty carbs and you can increase your chances of success. With Skinny Pasta you can eat a large serving, fill up and feel full with only minimal calories! With Skinny Pasta in your daily menu, once or twice a day, alongside at least one cup of water, you’ll feel full and you’ll certainly lose weight.

Skinny Pasta, which contains only 9 calories per 100 grams with no sugar, fat or gluten, and almost no carbs, can speed up the fat shedding process! As a sole diet or alongside different diets! Skinny Pasta contains the Konjac plant, which has a high value of Glucomannan, a well known dietary fiber that helps in actively losing weight.

The principle behind SkinnyPasta is simple – it makes you feel full and kills your appetite, and tastes great, mixes well with many types of dishes and is a great healthy filling food. When your body is digesting SkinnyPasta, it actually burns calories. However, because of the fact that SkinnyPasta contains only 9 calories, the body needs more calories to digest than when it actually has. This way, a magical negative balance is created and losing weight when eating is a tangible reality

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