Monday, November 21, 2016

DanceBody Streaming Workout Review: Following Along Featuring Katia

DanceBody Following Along
Katia, 2016

Katia leads this live class in an open studio. You really feel like you are part of the class as you are right there behind Katia with her group of exercisers. You wont need any equipment for this 53 min cardio & toning routine. The music is GREAT and the instruction is very quiet, but no complex choreo so you can follow along just fine.

Exercises include: side lunge knee pull, hip twists, heel digs, hopping back -side step up, plank shifts, side planks, demi burpees, heel click jacks, jack variations, active standing waist work, kicks, floor touch & kick, balance oblique work, jogging, knee to elbow pull hops, ballet leg swings, booty pops, and concludes with a 15ish minute lower body series while in plank and a flowing cooldown.

I rate this an advanced routine intensity wise and low to solid intermediate choreo wise. This is a high intensity, fast paced, aerobics style routine with a little flair. Katia keeps you moving for the duration and includes fun arms movements to keep it interesting. There is no TIFTing in this, so its high fun, no boredom but still easy to follow along to. This is a FUN and unique workout that I really enjoyed. I received access to the streaming site for review.

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