Thursday, January 5, 2017

12Ks of Christmas Race

12Ks of Christmas

Did this 12k with my friend in prep for the 1/2 marathon I was planning on doing. Well after this 12, I have decided against the 1/2 lol. My knee was swollen for days and I just dont think my knees, ankle, & back can take a 1/2 on the concrete. I did the majority of this one in dirt so it was easier on the joints. The 1/2 will be all concrete so I just dont think I can do it. Sigh. I feel so good on the inside but my body says otherwise. I should have done one a few years ago before everything slowing got worse but oh well. It was a fun race with tons of cute doggies. It benefit animal shelters. I did run the whole thing (slowly) with no stopping or walking so theres that! And we got a super cool spinner medal -cat on one side, dog on the other, and a pair of fun socks.

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