Thursday, January 12, 2017

Introducing Cathe Friedrich's NEW Strong and Sweaty DVD Series

I decided to do the pre-order for Cathe's latest set: Strong and Sweaty! The set contains five DVDs in one plastic case and you can opt to add the additional cycling DVD to the set if youd like. I havent done the workouts yet, but will be posting detailed reviews on the blog, so stay tuned! This set is a high intermediate to advanced series containing a ton of premixes (77 to be exact) and a bonus ab routine. The premixes include upper or lower body only, higher and lower impact cardio, various timesaver options, and more. The series contains different training methods to shock and challenge your muscles and work your cardio. Cathe also offers many modifications for exercises throughout the series. 

Cathe has listened to her fans with this series, the inclusion of a modifier, workouts between 40-50 minutes and so many premix options including the lower impact cardio are most definitely what many of us LOVE! Along with the set you get a free online Strong & Sweaty User's Guide that includes workout instructions and several rotations. 

You will need dumbbells, a barbell, tubing, an exercise ball, a mat, gliding discs (or alternative), and a step with risers for these workouts. Though I find you can use alternatives or omit some equipment easily. While there is no lower body DVD, there are lower body only premixes included on many of the DVDs so really I dont feel like we are missing anything there. The bonus ab routine is an innovative 13 minutes and is included on each DVD. The 40-50 min time frame is perfect for me these days as I usually start with an ab warm-up and then finish with use my own 10 min stretch routine.

The Workouts:
  1. PHA Training: (43 min) Weight work alternating lower & upper body strength work for cardiovascular and fat-burning benefits!
  2. Total Body Giant Sets (51 min) Work each muscle group to failure before moving on to the next muscle group
  3. Boot Camp (44 min) One minute intervals of cardio, upper body, lower body and metabolic segments
  4. Cardio Slam (41 min) an intense mix of high impact and low impact blasts both on and off the step, and utilizes light weights to up the cardio 
  5. Ramped Up Upper Body (47 min) You will use both heavy and lighter weights with varied rep patterns to keep your muscles confused. Cathe works one muscle group before moving on to the next
  6. Cycle Sweat Optional Add On(57 min) Optional Add On cycle workout using a stationary bike
Stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of each of the main workouts in the set

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