Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gundry MD Presents TWO Heart Healthy NEW Supplements Just in Time For Heart Health Month!

Did you know that February is heart health month? Well GUNDRY MD™ does and they are launching Two New Supplements for heart health this month to honor the occasion. Gundry MD™ is a supplement company founded by Dr. Steven Gundry, a world-renowned cardiologist, heart surgeon, and health/ wellness author. I had the pleasure of trying their new supplements: Enhanced Circultation Formula and Mediterraan Olive Leaf Extract! Keep reading to learn more. 


Enhanced Circulation Formula

A blend of amino acids and extracts, such as L-Citrulline, Beet Root, and Hawthorn Berry, designed to help balance cholesterol levels, improve blood flow, and boost overall cardiovascular health. “I’ve drawn on my entire 40 years of experience in cardiovascular medicine and nutrition to create this formula, with this longevity principle as my guide: You’re only as young as your blood vessels are flexible,” Dr. Gundrysaid at press time.
Mediterranean Olive Leaf Extract

 It provides a concentrated dose of oleuropein — a very powerful polyphenol found in olive leaves and olive oil. “ Oleuropein” has been shown to protect your arteries, make you more resilient to aging, and improve brain health,” Dr. Gundry explained. “But to really see health benefits, you’d have to consume one liter of olive oil a week!” UPDATE: This supplement was pre-released to Gundry MD customers yesterday. Currently, it’s sold out, but will be
available early March.
The Enhanced Circulation Formula contains a TON of fab ingredients that are great for those of us that exercise. Amino Acids to assist our muscle recovery - they are building blocks of protein after all! It also contains beet root, which lower blood pressure & improve cardiovascular health. And of L-Citruline which our kidneys convert to amino acids. This is a great formula for all us home gym junkies, runners, weight lifters, gym goers, anyone looking to stay in or get in better health!

The Mediterranean Olive Leaf Extract contains oleuropein that helps protect our arteries and help us resist the aging process- we can all use that! It also improves brain health - again we can all use that! Perfect for any age, get a jump on brain and overall health with this fab extract. 

Globally, you can find Dr. Gundry’s powerful nutritional principles as part of Six Senses Hotels’ wellness program. In other news, Dr. Gundry is now the autoimmune expert for Goop.com —Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site. For more Gundry health advice, visit GundryMD.com. 

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