Friday, March 3, 2017

FitFusion Review: Jennifer Galardi's Tight in 10

FitFusion is an online streaming workout site that has SO MANY fab workout options from instructors we know & love. FitFusion gives you JNL Fusion, Jillian Michaels, Mike Donavanik, Jennifer Galardi, Ilyse Baker, Andrea Orbeck, Zuska Light, Viveca Jensen, and SO MANY more! They offer strength workouts, cardio, cycling, ballet, yoga, pilates, dance and MORE! Seriously this is variety wider than my own DVD collection- which you know is vast. 
You can even stream Jillian Michaels NEW Tone & Shred Workout Series- stay tuned for detailed reviews of FitFusion workouts on the blog.

FitFusion: Tight in 10 
Jennifer Galardi 

The Tight in 10 Series includes four 16-17 minute routines, each routine features 10 exercises done for one minute each. You will only need a weighted ball and/or small pilates ball, a resistance band, and an optional mat for these workouts that Jen performs alone in a studio. There is no warm up but each workout includes its own stretch. Jennifer offers tons of great modification options throughout. 
Total Body Blast: Exercises include low squats with ball overhead press adding a hop, torso twists with the ball extended, lunge to kick, Mt climbers to side plank, squat abduct with ball sword pull, uneven pushups with ball transfer, crunches on the ball, knee side plank with hip drops, crab hip drops with ball knee squeeze, plank with knee pull & glute raise, & side plank hip drops.  

Lower Body: Jen works out barefoot for this routine. Exercises include: plie & step out plie with foot drag for added resistance, standing toe circles, arobasque pulses, standing quad extension adding a squat, relovet, step out & squat adding a thigh sweep, side lying clam & inner thigh raises, & bridge raises with knee squeezes using the ball.

Upper Body: Jen uses a resistance band in this routine. Exercises include row adding a twist, bi curl variations, front & side raises, upper back row, tri kickbacks, high plank, chataranga hold, low back work, prone bird dog, cobra, and push ups. 
Abs: Standing core work include standing crunches & lower ab crunches, pelvic scoops, and hip shifts. Moving to the mat: knee side plank & thread the needle, controlled roll downs, v sit ball row, lean backs on the ball, bicycle variations, v crunch & leg scissors, and bridge roll ups

These are solid intermediate routines. I love the one minute format that allows you to go at your own pace. The routines are easy to follow without complicated choreo. Fun & unique exercises that hit their targeted muscle groups. I like the 15ish minute segments, great to add on to other workouts or string together for a longer total body routine. I am a fan of Jennifer -she provides excellent form pointers & motivation -so was thrilled to see these workouts on FitFusion. I actually had not heard of this workout before! FitFusion has a great selection of new & classic routines to choose from. I discovered another gem on FitFusion! I received this to review.

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