Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jari Love's Get Ripped in 6 Minutes Workout Review

Jari Love's Get Ripped in 6 Minutes
Jari Love, 2016

This is a 2 DVD set (also available as digital download).I reviewed the digital download which contains the complete 60 min workout.  Disc one contains one 58 min workout and Disc 2 contains two 30 min workouts and three 20 min workouts. The workouts on dics 2 are premixes from the footage on disc 1. You will need dumbbells and a step bench for these routines.The format is 6 minute tracks, though the workouts flow together without an obvious 6 min break.

You will alternate 2 exercises for each set. The first portion of the workout is done on the floor, then a step section, and concludes with floor work. Standing exercises include plie & upright row/ plie pulses, squat pulses & knee raises/ knee raises, pulsing rows/ squats, front raise with knee raise/ knee raise. Step work includes dipping, curtsying, and squatting off the box combined with rows, hammer curls, kickbacks, lat raises, & military raises. Floor work is led by Jill and includes push-ups, bench press, bridge work, skull crushers, plank, side plank, reverse crunches, and concludes with a stretch.

The workout in its entirety is high intermediate in terms of intensity. It is pretty nonstop, uses lighter weights at a faster endurance style pace, that keeps your heart pumping. Some modifications up or down are offered. Jari is a very personable, friendly instructor that is easy to work out with. I received this DVD to review.

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  1. I have so many old Jari DVDs so happy to see a review of her newest. Thanks!

  2. YES! It has been a while that I have seen a new Jari! I have one other new one to review that should go up soon :)

    1. Ah, great and I'll watch for that. Thanks!

  3. Hi, if I get the download do I still get the 2 30 min and 3 20 min options?

  4. Hi! The download gives you one link with the60 min w/o. It does not also have the premises