Thursday, April 20, 2017

REVIEW: Yoga In the Garden of Serenity with Kathleen Anderson

Yoga In the Garden of Serenity
Kathleen Anderson, 2001

This fully programmable, chaptered DVD contains 5 sections. Kathleen works out alone in a grassy garden. You wont need any equipment except a towel to roll up & sit on- the workouts are done entirely seated or lying. The DVD is done in voiceover.

Three Part Breath: (6 min) While seated in a criss cross style pose you will go through various breathing exercises.

Neck & Shoulders: (10 min) You move through various neck stretches, circles, and neck positions that all loosen up tight muscles. You also perfrom shoulder rotations along with the neck stretches, thumb massage and chin circles - all targeting your neck, traps, shoulders and upper back.

Gate Series: (15 min) this segment targets lower back, tight hamstrings, and hips. It includes single leg hamstring stretches adding forward fold and oblique stretches, passive spinal twist, pigeon hip stretches adding rocking for a self massage, side lying crescent, fetal position, and repeat on the other side.

Torso: (15 min) Stretches include chest opener and upper back stretches adding a twist, oblique stretches, shoulder stretches, twist variations, ribcage shifts, butterfly forward fold, seated forward fold variations, ribcage circles, hamstring stretches, side bends adding shoulder circles, and oblique stretches swaying from side to side.

Preparation for Relaxation: (11 min) This segment includes: supine knee drops & knee circles, supine figure 8 knees for lower back relief, and concludes with 6 min corpse pose.

This is appropriate for all fitness levels. I have had this DVD forever and it is a GEM! If you have neck & shoulder stiffness or low back/hip flexor issues, this is the DVD for you. Its more of a flowing stretch routine in my opinion than a yoga workout- which totally works for me as Im not really a yogi. This works wonders on my neck and I use this portion often. The gate series is also phenomenal for lower back stiffness, tight hamstrings, or stiff hips. This is a great addition to anyones workout library and works wonders on my tight muscles. Kathleen provides great instruction throughout. I did NOT receive this DVD to review.

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