Friday, May 5, 2017

Hyperbiotics: The NUMBER One Supplement Sold on Amazon ~ Now Available at Target Stores

Probiotics are so important to our overall health, from our gut to our immunity, that is where Hyperbiotics come in. Their line of probiotic formulas were developed with technology that ensures the organisms are viable without refrigeration, survive past stomach acid, only uses human resident strains (as opposed to soil based organisms or active yeasts) and contain up to 15 different beneficial probiotic strains. Hyperbiotics was created on the premise that bacteria is both the foundation of health and the future of medicine. Already the NUMBER 1 supplement sold on Amazon, they recently had their big launch in Target stores across the country on April 25th! Keep reading to learn more. 

Most of us dont fully understand the importance of gut health and that everything – from our diets high in processed foods to chlorine in our water, antibiotics in our livestock and environmental factors– can leave us severely deficient in one of the most important aspects of immunity: probiotics. That is where Hyperbiotics comes in. Get the probiotics you need in the formula that is right for you. 

Armed with research and invigorated with possibilities, the concept that bacteria is both the foundation and the future of health ignited the founders quest to formulate a better probiotic. Hyperbiotics was born. Using patented technology, they have developed one of the world’s most effective probiotic supplements at an affordable price and we help people feel their best on a daily basis by delivering to them the full benefits probiotics have to offer. Get yours on Amazon or Target!

Available in formulas specifically designed for kids, womens, dental, healthy body, and more - you will find the formula that is right for you. I had the opportunity to review the PRO-15 Advanced Strength: time released with 15 Billion CFU & Kiwifruit. The Pro-15 Advanced Strength formula features I LOVE:
  • Digestive Relief
  • Mood Lifting
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Supports Healthy Body Weight
  • Delivers 15X More Results Compared to Capsules

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