Thursday, May 11, 2017

Review: The FIRM Power Yoga with Kristen Strohecker

The FIRM Power Yoga
Kristen Strohecker, 2006

Kristen leads this 37 minute yoga-stretch-flexibility routine with 4 backgrounders on the BSS3 set. You wont need any equipment for this routine and Kristen offers plenty of modifications.

After a warm up, exercises include down to up dog flow, chattaranga, sun salutation flow variation, warrior 2 to a hamstring stretch, side angle pose, childs pose, table top shoulder & upper back stretch, bird dog adding knee to elbow crunch, pigeon,, seated low back stretch, butterfly stretch, reverse plank, and corpse pose.

This routine is suitable for all fitness levels. I like this yoga routine, it goes at a good pace so it keeps me focused. I am not in to slow moving yoga. Great for stretching, light toning, and flexibility. Kristen is a good lead and a good fit for a yoga workout. I did not receive this DVD to review.

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