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Interview with Stephanie Oram: X-TrainFit Home Workout Systems Founder

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I have been a long time fan of X-Train Fit workout systems and cannot say enough good things about them: Well rounded systems, EXCELLENT price points, SO much variety, and fantastic instructors. I am currently reviewing RIPT90 Fit and Circuit Burnout 90 and am LOVING them both! I was introduced to X-Train Fit when I had the pleasure of reviewing Stephanie Oram's own XTFMAX. Stephanie has over 24 years in the fitness industry and has been involved in the production of so many fabulous at home workout systems. Read below to learn more about Stephanie & X-Train Fit. Dont forget the discount code above that is good through June, so act fast!

Lindsey: You are the founder of X-TrainFit - what was your motivation behind creating these awesome at-home fitness systems? 
Stephanie: Thank you for your kind words, I am so glad you enjoy the workouts! To date, I have been in the fitness industry for over 24 years. My husband has had about the same amount of time in the media industry. About 10 years ago, we saw a big rise in $100+ at home programs and thought we could create comparable products at a much more user-friendly price point. In addition to caring about the customer’s wallet, we also wanted to make programs that were accessible to most via an ability level, so the user could feel safe in spending the money as well as successful in completing the workout. Because of this, we worked hard at creating sets around the $30-40 price point and offer multiple participants in most of our workouts that demonstrate different ability levels for each workout. We have found that the public has been very appreciative of this, which further adds to our motivation to continue to bring more content out.

Lindsey: X-TrainFit has so many excellent instructors, yourself included, how do you go about selecting your instructors and designing your workout systems? 
Stephanie: Having been in fitness for over 2 decades, I
have come across many great trainers and instructors, as well as learned from some of the best people out there. When I created my first program, X-TrainFit At Home, I used a lot of the trainers/instructors who trained/taught for me at my gym as participants. When we branched out to additional product lines, I asked my best instructors to create programs that I felt were their area of expertise. We launched X-TrainFit Yoga with Carrie, X-TrainFit Toning with Karen (who makes appearances in multiple programs), and Circuit Burnout with Monique. We all worked together on what we wanted to program to consist of – i.e. How many workouts the set will include, what print we will include, the types of workouts (cardio, circuit, strength, etc.) and duration; but I gave the instructors full autonomy to build their workouts. I was only on set to provide “directorial” guidance on how to approach the exercise and/or modify an exercise up or down if needed, which rarely was needed. I then went back into the studio to film XTFMAX while we also filmed RIPT90 with Jody. Jody was the first trainer that I had not worked with in the past that I brought on board. I was looking for a male trainer to lead a program and had known Jody for a few years and approached him about creating a product around him. Again, he created his program completely, we just worked together to outline what the program would consist of. After the RIPT90 production, I was back in the studio for two more sets – XTFMAX One on One and Personal Trainer. We learned that people also loved the trainers we created products around and have filmed additional workouts with them. We have more yoga workouts with Carrie as well as a Shred program with Karen that we will be launching on our digital channel soon. We have also filmed and released an additional set with Monique called Circuit Burnout 90 – her first set was a 30 day program and people wanted more, so we built a 90 day program together. Likewise, we just released a second set with Jody, RIPT90 FIT. If you pay attention in the CB90 workouts, you will notice one of the awesome participants, Zoe. We have just wrapped a program with her and it is going to be unique to anything we have done previously, but I am reserving those details until later – however anyone that follows me on social media will already know about this program. :-) Lastly, we are also in post production on a new set with another new trainer to the XTF team, Shawn. I met Shawn when his team trained me for my Ironman a few years back. Shawn’s program is runner-specific and again, more details to come on that front real soon. In regards to how I design my programs – I think about how long the set will be (30, 60, 90 day) and what workouts I will need to create to be included in the set in order for it to A) be well rounded and B) provide the user with the right workouts in order to reach his/her goal. I then draft out what each of the workouts will consist of – there many, many pages of hand written notes, as well as digital notes on my phone, iPad and laptop. I basically keep a running journal of exercises I want to include and when an idea hits, I make note of it. Then I collate my various exercises on pages under the workout it makes the most sense for. For example, if I have a twist of a pushup exercise, it gets written down on the Chest workout page, the Total Body page, etc. I then start scaling it down from there, trying to make sure the same exercise(s) are not used repeatedly in different workouts. Once I think I have a workout designed, I run through it myself and find I have to edit a lot more and the process continues until I get the workout I want. 

Lindsey: Do you have any new workout systems on the horizon that you can share with us? 
Stephanie: I mentioned the programs with Zoe and Shawn above, and am in the note taking phase of my next set. I will be hitting the studio sometime this year to film another 90 day, full body program, as well as content for our digital channel.

Lindsey: What is one piece of health or fitness advice that you wish more people took heed of? (BOTH responses below apply SO much to my life!!!)
Stephanie: Here are 2 things I wish I knew at a much younger age, as well as constantly remind myself today – 1) you cannot out train a diet and 2) you cannot stretch too much. I fall into the “I worked out hard today, so I can eat a little more” pit a lot and I rarely stretch. I am now convinced that my back issues are due to lack of stretching and am working out course-correcting. I am also trying to be cognizant of portions as that’s my pitfall.

Lindsey: Lack of time is a reason that we often hear why people don't work out. Your personal & professional responsibilities must keep you very busy. What advice can you offer to "fit it all in.(LOVE and so agree with the response!!!) 
Stephanie: Here’s one thing I know for me – I watch more TV then I should and I am guilty of saying I don’t have time for this, that or the other. I think if we are all honest with ourselves, we have time, we just don’t make it. I would challenge people that say they don’t have time to exercise to keep a journal of how much time they spend watching TV and/or are on social media for 1 week. If we are honest with ourselves, imagine what we could accomplish, fitness wise, if we realigned our priorities a little and only looked at social media while on a stationary bike or watched our favorite show while on a treadmill? When I worked in the corporate world, I would use my lunch time to fit a workout in or get up earlier than I wanted to in order to get a sweat session in. I truly believe we have time, we just are choosing to use it doing other things.

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10% discount off of any X-Train DVDs code is FitBlog and good for the entire month of June!

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