Monday, June 19, 2017

Suzanne Bowen BarreAmped Bounce Workout DVD Review

BarreAmped Bounce 
Suzanne Bowen, 2017

This DVD contains 5 rebounding barre workouts. You can choose one from the main menu or play all. You will need a rebounder with the stability barre and light weights for these routines. Suzanne works out with one other exerciser, who shows advanced versions of the exercises. Each routine starts with a quick bounce & concludes with a quick stretch.

Arms & Abs: (16 min) Exercises include lat raises, elevated bi curls, rear delt fly, tri press, pullups seated on the rebounder using the barre, seated knee drops, toe drops, can -can, and V hold. You will free bounce between toning sets. 

Thigh Bounce: (13 min) Exercises include releve micro bend & raises, releve lower & lifts, front leg raise series, releve pelvic tucks, leaning back & holding on to the barre for stability and micro plies. You will free bounce between toning sets. 

Booty Bounce: (13 min) Exercises include rear leg raise series, seesaw series, and hinged leg raises. You will free bounce between toning sets.  

Cardio Bounce: (13 min) The ladies alternate a fast paced toning exercise with a cardio. Exercises include bouncing, releve squats, side step, hinged booty pop, twisting hops, front to back leg sweeps, jacks, and slalom with a twist. They use the barre to get height to their jumps for some exercises.

Total Body Bounce: (11 min) Exercises include split stance (one leg off the rebounder) lunge raises with rear leg raise & tri pushback, split stance lunges with lat raise, split stance plies with lat raise, plie hold & front raise, plie pulses, bicycle legs lying supine on rebounder, and prone frog leg lifts. There is one break to bounce it out before the core work.

Stretch: (8 min) Suzanne works out alone for this routine. Stretches include quad stretch, lunging off the rebounder hip stretch adding a side bend, ham stretch, standing figure 4, side bend, tri stretch, chest opener and forward bend. 

These are solid to high intermediate routines - follow Suzanne for a more intermediate or follow Jess for a more advanced routine. Suzanne uses the rebounder stability barre in a very unique & effective way in this routine. I love rebounding and found this workout super unique & effective. As always, Suzanne's form pointers & cuing are spot on. Great rebounding + barre fusion routine- unlike anything else I have tried. The rebounder adds a whole new instability to barre work. I received this DVD to review. 

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  1. I only have a few rebounder DVDs so this one really interests me, plus it's Suzanne! I don't have a stability bar on my rebounder though but maybe could work some other stabilizer out (my portable cardio barre if I can anchor it down). Thanks for posting.

  2. I think that would work out! I used my FIRM sculpting stick and it worked for most everything except the pull ups. I found everything else pretty modifiable :) I like Suzanne a lot and love rebounding so this is a win for me!!!