Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ActivMotion Bar’s New IGNITE 60-Day Program

I am super excited about the new innovative ActivMotion Bar’s new IGNITE 60-day program. The ActivMotion Bar is a hollow body bar with rolling weights inside designed by Derek Mikulski, CSCS. The bar engages unique muscle activation and enhances the calorie burning benefits of your workouts! The 60 Day Ignite program includes 15 online workouts that blend cardio, strength, core work, and flexibility plus anti-aging balance work. Work your muscles in a whole new way with one piece of equipment and have fun while you are working out. The bars are available in multiple weights so you choose which bar is right for you. Keep reading to learn more about this fun and effective new program and stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of the new IGNITE workouts. 

IGNITE is a new 60-day training program powered by ActivMotion Bar. The IGNITE Program uses the unique muscle activation and calorie burning benefits of the ActivMotion Bar in simple and fun Core Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Cardio workouts for an unparalleled training experience. In just 20 to 30 minutes per day, build true core strength, lose weight, improve flexibility and develop better balance using the same tool and exercises that personal trainers and group fitness instructors all over the world use everyday with their clients and gym members.
The ActivMotion IGNITE program includes access to all 15 video workouts along with a downloadable diet guide, training calendar and quick start guide. Everything you need to get started and keep on going with your IGNITE program.
Features I LOVE: 
  • Increased muscle activation by up to 173% more than static fitness tools as proven by a University of Michigan research study. More muscle activation equals more calories burned 
  • Real-time diagnostic feedback. Not sure which side is weaker? Each repetition offers the chance to see and correct imbalances immediately 
  • Feedback you can HEAR. During balance work the rolling weights should be quiet
  • Recommendations and certifying workshops from IDEA, NASM, ACE, Functional Aging Institute, Titleist Performance Institute, Pilates Alliance, among others. Top fitness experts including Pete McCall, Tony Horton, Michele Olson, PhD, Leslee Bender and Gunnar Peterson use them as do physical therapists including those at the Mayo Clinic. The bars are being used all over the world.
  • ActivMotion Bars come in 4 1/2, six, eight, 10, 15, and 18-pound bars. The lightest bar is four feet long. All others are five feet long. Prices start at $119.99.

The rolling steel weight technology inside the hollow ActivMotion Bars has been embraced by top gyms, trainers, physical therapy practices and professional sports teams. The American Council on Exercise, Functional Aging Institute, IDEA Health & Fitness Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, Pilates Method Alliance and Titleist Performance Institute all offer ActivMotion Bar training to their expert members. While the ActivMotion Bars may look like standard weighted bars, the secret is the rolling steel weights inside the hollow bars. Because the rolling weights create “active resistance,” the muscles, especially those of the core, have to work harder to stabilize the entire body. When deciding to buy a new fitness tool, it’s important to go with what works. Experts using ActivMotion Bars with their clients include Gunnar Peterson, Leslee Bender, Tony Horton, Danny Musico, Pete McCall, M.S., Chuck Wolf, M.S., et al. The Mayo Clinic uses the bars in their physical therapy department. They are used by professional athletes on the P.G.A. Tour, in the N.F.L., M.L.B. and N.H.L. Whether the bars are used in the gym or the home, the results are profound. 

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  1. I have Bodybars and my heaviest is 12 pounds. I still have my old Firm lime green bar too, which unlocks into 3 small bars. They all get a lot of use!

  2. I have my old FIRM sculpting stick too. I use it all time :)