Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hartz #EmptyBowl Challenge: Fun Cat Toys, Delectables Treats & Unique Cat Food Options!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Hartz on a fun fun product review opportunity! My cat Penny, was so spoiled when her Hartz package arrived! Hartz is a well known, popular, and trusted brand for pet toys, treats, food, grooming products, and more. Penny had the pleasure of reviewing some of their super fun toys along with some of their fantastic Delectables treats! Hartz is running a fun "Empty Bowl" social media campaign where users are entered into drawings for fantastic prizes!  Head on over to Hartz's FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages, and share photos and videos of how crazy fast your cats lick up Delectables using hashtags #lickitloveit, #emptybowl, and #catsgocrazy4Delectables, for your chance to win Delectables Lickable Treats for your furbaby. Keep reading to learn all about the awesome Hartz products that Penny had the pleasure of reviewing. Below is Penny being spoiled with her Hartz package of goodies!

In Penny's box of fun & goodness she received some Hartz Delectables Lickable Treats, available in  three unique and delicious textures including stews, bisques and chowders.  "Delectables Lickable Treats for cats is a new and better way to treat your cat and make them happy because it is super delicious and easy for your cat to eat. They have even expanded the line to include special kitten formulas.  Penny really loves their  Delectables Lickable Treats' - they make a fantastic dry food topper and come in a convenient, single-serve pouch. Just open & pour over their dry food. 

Cats, like humans require different nutritional needs & their tastes can change over the years. Cats can be finicky and their appetite may diminish which can be distressing to the cat and cat parent! Hartz Delectables is a great solution, especially for older cats who may find certain foods to be either difficult to eat due to dental disease or unappealing due to their decreased sense of smell. Delectables is the only wet cat treat brand with products formulated specifically for older cats. The Senior line is enhanced with vitamins and is highly palatable - benefits that are vital for mature cats.  

Penny also had the pleasure of trying the Hartz Delectables Squeeze Ups, the first interactive wet cat treat - a rich, thick, puree in a lickable tube that cat  parents can hand feed to their cats - for a fun experience for both cats and cat parents. Stay up to date with Hartz as exciting Squeeze Up news will be announced shortly!!!  

I hung the Gone Fishin' fishing pole up right away when we got the box. The pole has a suction cup on the end that sticks to any window quickly & easily. The best part is I hung this up over a week ago when we received our Hartz goodies & it is still hanging! Penny plays with this every day and its still stuck! Its perfect for entertaining the fur babies when you are away. It stays hung up and swings around when they bat at it for interactive fun even when you arent home or up to playing with your kitties. 

Penny LOVED the toys that came in the box! After mulling over her choices. She chose this fun Chirping Bird Cat Toy. It really chirps and has real feathers on it, which she loves! It is her new favorite toy & she can be found all over the house playing with it. This is a fun & unique toy that I havent seen anything like before. Penny really loves the feathers and the sound is very lifelike. Whether its the feathers or the chirping- she LOVES it! 

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