Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Review: X-Train Fit Circuit Burnout 90 Sport Yoga Lower Body

If you are looking to scorch fat but are limited on time Circuit Burnout 90 is the program for you! These workouts accomplish a LOT in only 25-40 minutes a day. Monique St.Pierre and X-TrainFit bring you full body workouts that shred fat while toning muscle! The set contains 10 workouts + 1 bonus workout on 11 DVDs, a complete nutrition guide, a rotation calendar poster, and a training guide! Monique utilizes circuit training and alternates between strength & cardio with very little rest. Lots of fun & unique exercises and cardio moves that also hit the core- make this super efficient routines that will kick your fitness level up a notch! Keep reading to learn all about this fab set & stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of all of the Circuit Burnout 90 workouts.

Circuit Burnout 90: Sport Yoga Lower Body
Monique St. Pierre

Monique leads this 327 min lower body focused yoga routine in a studio with 2 background exercisers. Monique performs the intermediate intensity and the backgrounders each perform beginner and advanced versions. You will only need lighter dumbbells for this workout. 

After a warm up exercises include: a flowing plie series, down dog to tri pushups, warrior 1 with pec fly, weighted triangle to reverse angle pose, dip & knee pull, weighted warrior 2 flow, plie & overhead press, weighted chair, plie heel raises, weighted superman, weighted plank to side plank, plank hold, 3 legged dog to pigeon and concludes with a yoga style stretch.
Done following Monique this is a solid intermediate yoga routine. The focus is on the lower body but you will get some core work and even a little upper body work in. Monique keeps you moving right along and does not waste any time. This is an athletic yoga routine so you are moving at a nice pace but are not holding the poses for a long time as Ive seen in other yoga routines. I received this DVD set to review. 

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