Wednesday, October 18, 2017

REVIEW: Michelle Dozois' On The Go Workouts

On The Go Workouts: 6 Ten Minute Workouts
Michelle Dozois, 2017

This workout is available on DVD or digital download. I had the pleasure of reviewing the digital download and it contains the individual 10 min workouts, and 15 premixes ranging from 15-60 minutes. A separate warm up guide is also included so you can warm up on your own. You wont need any equipment for these workouts. Michelle works out with 2 backgrounders, one showing lower intensity modifications.

Cardio HiiT #1: You will perform 10 exercises for 45 seconds each followed by 15 seconds active recovery. Exercises include hi knees & squat jacks, bear crawl & hop up, squat jumps & scissors, tire run & power knee, pushups & plank donkey kicks, shuffle punch & lunge hops, tire run & air jacks, knee repeater & touch down squats, jump out to pushups to 180 hops.

Cardio HiiT #2: You will perform 10 exercises for 45 seconds each followed by 15 seconds active recovery. Exercises include split jumps & shuffle, burpee & plank hop ins, scissors & plyo lunges, jacks & punch to hi knees, fast feet hop down to release planks, shuffle up & back & power ham curls, long jump forward & jump rope back, power lunges & power leaps, crunch flip throughs, mt climber to burpees.

Upper Body Blast: You will perform 10 exercises for 45 seconds each followed by 15 seconds active recovery. Exercises include plank to side plank, side lying tri pushups, 3 leg dog incline pushups & plank knee pulls, super man, release pushups, supine rotations, and tri pushups - push back to low crouch.

Lower Body Blast: Exercises include squat series, low runners lunge knee pulls, single leg squats &  knee raise, side lunge-knee pull-curtsy lunge, kneeling lunge series, side knee crunch & leg extensions, and a donkey series.

Floor on the Core: Exercises include bird dog variations, plank shifts, side lying crunch series, side plank hip dips, superman to boat, and crunch variations.

Flow & Release: Poses include side bend, shoulder stretches, twisting rotations, down dog walk out to prone chest opener, cat cow, table top wrist stretches, thread the needle shoulder stretch, down dog stretch series, low runners lunge adding a side stretch, ham stretch, pigeon, hip openers and low sumo stretch.

Flow & Release is suitable for all fitness levels, and the Cardio HiiT routines are high intermeidate, all others are intermediate. Michelle offers options to up intensity if you want to up your workout game. I found these workouts to contain a lot of unique & fun exercises that get the job done & keep your interest. No fancy choreo and no wasted time make these routines I will definitely use over & over again. Michelle is an excellent lead and I highly recommend this DVD/ download. I received this workout to review.

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