Thursday, February 15, 2018

Triathlon Training Handbook 100 of the Best Workouts For the Multi-Sport Athlete by Terri Schneider

100 of the Best Workouts For the Multi-Sport Athlete 
by Terri Schneider

If you are looking to take your fitness level up a notch here is an amazing new fitness book written by an even more amazing female athlete, Terri Schneider. Terri's passion is being an extreme multi-sport endurance athlete which includes being a world-class triathlete for a decade, an elite international adventure racer, and a mountaineer.

Her newest book is The Triathlon Training Handbook, presenting an effective program for beginners to seasoned racers. Everyone needs a fitness goal. And one great goal can be to participate in a triathlon.

Combining running, swimming and biking-specific exercises with complementary endurance and strength trainingThe Triathlon Training Handbook approach emphasizes targeted fitness milestones alongside proper recovery.

These workouts provide easy-to-follow programs divided weekly and by level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) combining proven strength and endurance training routines with specific skill programs. The Triathlon Training Handbook lets you push your body to reach its full potential--getting the results you want while avoiding stress-based injury and unwanted setbacks.

With workouts perfect for anyone from beginners to experts, The Triathlon Training Handbook allows people to jump right in at their personal fitness level, making the workouts quick and easy to include in your existing routines. Training tips and expert notes are included, as well as a training journal where you can log your progress.

The Triathlon Training Handbook also includes comprehensive online support via social media, community forums, and website featuring additional content such as exclusive exercise videos, nutritional tips, live updates from authors, and more.

Terri Schneider is a writer, speaker, coach, and sport psychology consultant, but her passion is being an extreme multi-sport endurance athlete including being a world-class triathlete for a decade, an elite international adventure racer, and a mountaineer. She obtained her master's degree in Sports Psychology after earning her bachelors of science degree in Exercise Physiology. Her writing contributions, profile, and interviews have been featured in over 100 publications and websites around the world including Time, Psychology Today, Rolling Stone, Runner's World, Triathlete, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Outside, Oxygen, USA Today, and The New York Times.

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