Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Crosby Tailor 30 Day Transformation 2 Disc Set: Disc Two Review

New from Acacia & Crosby Tailor is his 30 Day Transformation 2 disc set. This set includes over 150 exercise minutes and will change the way you workout! Crosby combines strength training with mindful breathing to train how our bodies need to train. The set contains everything you need to transform your body: cardio, core, & total body strength training. This system is unique from how I have trained in the past & I am excited to work out with Crosby. Keep reading to learn more about this set & stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of all the workouts in the set.

30 Day Transformation Disc 2: Cardio & Core
Crosby Tailor, 2017

This DVD contains two workouts and a 4 minute Post Workout Coconut Green Smoothie section. Crosby works out alone in a white room for these routines & you wont need any equipment for these workouts.

Cardio & Stretch: (30 min) The workout has a built in warm up. The first 15 min is cardio & the last is stretching. You perform each exercise for about 30 seconds each. Exercises include twists, cross toe touches, plyo squats, plyo lunges, hi knee hops, hi toe jumps, fast toe jumps, twisting hops, burpees, burpee to plank jack, Mt. climber, cobra, pigeon, kneeling quad stretch, side lying knee pull & rear leg extension, lying quad stretch, down dog, rag doll, chest opener, shoulder stretch, tri stretch, neck stretches, and concludes with breath work.

Core Workout: (33 min) The workout has a built in warm up. You will perform about 8 reps of each. Exercises include plank hold, side plank, side plank hip hikes, plank & punch, side plank leg lifts, reverse crunch & double leg drop, x to V up, elevator planks, jack knives, low v hold with breath of fire, breath of fire, cat cow, fast cat cow, ghilds pose, super man, cobra, stretches, and a long corpse pose with breath work.

The cardio workout is a solid intermediate routine- while the cardio is higher intensity, there is only about 15 min of cardio & you do get some rests. I like the get in get out cardio portion & I love the effective stretch portion. The core workout is low intermediate. Crosby provides a lot of information & instruction that provides some rest between exercises. I like the lower rep & more variety so I dont get bored. I received these DVDs to review.

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