Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Crosby Tailor 30 Day Transformation 2 Disc Set: Disc One Review

New from Acacia & Crosby Tailor is his 30 Day Transformation 2 disc set. This set includes over 150 exercise minutes and will change the way you workout! Crosby combines strength training with mindful breathing to train how our bodies need to train. The set contains everything you need to transform your body: cardio, core, & total body strength training. This system is unique from how I have trained in the past & I am excited to work out with Crosby. Keep reading to learn more about this set & stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of all the workouts in the set.

30 Day Transformation Disc 1: Body Sculpt
Crosby Tailor, 2017

This DVD contains four workouts and a 4 minutePost Workout Maca Chocolate Smoothie section. Crosby works out alone in a white room for these routines & you will only need dumbbells & a stool/ chair/ or bench for these routines. All of the routines have built in warmups & Crosby offers mods for many exercises.

Back & Biceps Workout: (18 min) You will perform 8-15 reps per exercise. Exercises include plank hip hikes, superman to V up, dead lift & bi curl, hammer curls, bent over rows, wide rows, bent over bi curl with rotation, bi curls in v sit, prone low back work, supine upper back work, and concludes with qigong cooldown.

Chest & Triceps Workout: (21 min) You will perform 10-15 reps per exercise. Exercises include walk out to pushups, pushups, V-twists, bicycle variation, torso twists, bench press, one arm bench press, pec fly, diamond pushups, elevator planks, down dog pushups, kickbacks, alternating kickbacks with rotation, and a cool down.

Shoulders & Legs Workout: (25 min) You will perform 8-10 reps per exercise. Exercises include walk out to plank jacks, unweighted squats, squat walks, bird dog, bridge series, sit up to shoulder press, lunge & single arm overhead press, front & side raise, rear delt fly, overhead press with rotation, squat jumps, unweighted squat & abduction, fast feet & 45* hop, T arm hold with focused breathing, and concludes with breathing & a cool down.

Glutes & Hamstrings Workout: (27 min) Exercises include toe touches & calf raise, breath of fire, cat cow, fast cat cow, childs pose, superman variation, deadlift, bulgarian split squats, donkey kick series, bridge, single leg bridge, bridge with focused breathing, bent over breath of fire, and concludes with standing breath work.

These are low intermediate routines that are gentler in nature while still effective. You will focus on controlled breathing throughout. Crosby provides a lot of information & instruction that provides some rest between exercises. The pace is moderate & the reps are not high so you can use moderate to heavier weights. Crosby provides some great new twists on tried & true strength exercises & combines them perfectly with some more gentle exercises. I received these DVDs to review.

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