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Kelly Coffey-Meyer 30-Minutes to Fitness: Body Design Review

30-Minutes to Fitness: Body Design
Kelly Coffey-Meyer, 2016

Kelly works out with 2 or 3 background exercises in a gym set. You will only need dumbbells (and an optional step or bench for the UB routine & a chair or barre for the lower body). You can select one routine or mix & match from the main menu. The DVD contains six 12 to 15 min routines, a warm up & a cool down section. The DVD also has plenty of premixes to choose from.

Cardio Bootcamp: (12 min) Working in timed intervals, exercises include short combos containing: kicks, knees, jacks, v hops, squat hops, crescent kicks, plank- pike, skater, fast skater, cross jacks, shuffles, dip & hitch kick, side lunge floor touch, and hi knees.

Kickboxing with Light Dumbbells: (12 min) Working in timed intervals, exercises include short combos containing: jabs, side step, squat, hooks, cross, knee strikes, upper cuts, step switches, duck & shuffle, bob & weave, and kicks.

Light Dumbbell Cardio Sculpting: (12 min) Compound exercises done in timed intervals- exercises include lat raise adding knee sweeps, dumbbell push out & tap backs, side lunge & kick backs, scissors & shuffles with overhead press, step squat abductions & single arm overhead press, dip & machine gun punches, slow kick outs & reach, side tap & bi curl & chest scoops, heel taps & upright row, and standing crunches.

Stronger Leaner Lower Body: (15 min)  You begin with a quick unweighted lower body series & move into: squats, dips, lunge pulses, wide deadlifts & plie, plie walk outs, barre style heel plies, standing rear leg extensions, balance side knee raise to rear extension.

Upper Body Strength: (12 min) In this routine you will work one side at a time & do three sets of 10 reps for each exercise. Exercises include rows, diagonal bi curls, angled lat raise, kickbacks or tri dips and bench press.

Yoga Flow Stretch: (13 min) This is a flowing yoga style stretch routine. Poses include chair pose, plank to low lunge & chest opener, down dog adding hip openers, cobra, childs pose, warrior one, warrior two, and forward fold.

I rate these solid intermediate routines. I absolutely LOVE this DVD. I enjoyed all of the segments and found that they accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Great to string together to create a custom workout or even add to other workouts. As always, Kelly provides excellent form pointers & is an all around great instructor. Fun & effective routines! I received this DVD to review.

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