Friday, May 18, 2018

MyPhonePouch: Cell Phone Holder That Fits on Leggings & Any Pants Without a Belt Specifically Made for Working Out

Let's face it, fitness enthusiasts have limited options to carry their phone in the gym making misplaced, dropped, or flat-out lost cell phones a constant problem! This is particularly an issue with womens clothing, fitness & otherwise that often lack pockets in their outfits. MyPhonePouch is a simple, yet ingenious cell phone holder accessory that is completely different because there is absolutely nothing else like it on the market and it is ideal for the fitness market. Perfect for travel, hiking, biking, weight lifting, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, low impact cardio, walking, and so much more- this is a must have fitness accessory that all fitness fanatics will wonder how they lived without! 

The founder, Allison Santini and as a busy mother, wife, and businesswoman, her hands are always full and she is always on the go. She invented MyPhonePouch, a simple yet clever phone holder accessory to solve the constant, nagging problem of how to keep up with her cell phone. It is the perfect accessory for athletic-wear that often lacks pockets or has loose pockets where your cell phone can easily slip out.

MyPhonePouch is perfect for not only exercising, but any time you dont have pockets, or if youre like me & love your leggings! Great for travel - just grab your MyPhonePouch & go. Pop in your phone, ID, & a credit card & you are hands free for travel. We travel a lot & I hate having to carry a purse or wallet and phone around. Going hands free is the way to go! Of course this is perfect for working out. If you enjoy outdoor walking, hiking, or biking- this is the perfect way to keep your phone close by & protected.

While MyPhonePouch was originally designed or women and girls, it can be worn by anyone for practically any activity. Simply tuck MyPhonePouch over any snug waistband to instantly add pockets to almost any outfit to keep your phone secure and accessible hands, pockets, and purse-free; with no belt required and no straps across your body. The pouch pivots with you as you move so you can bend, sit, walk and move about without adjusting your phone.

Most other phone holsters on the market are designed for men and have to be clipped onto a belt. MyPhonePouch is superior to pockets and ingeniously different than other phone holders, making it perfect to wear with yoga pants, leggings, sweats, skinny jeans, pants, skirts, pajamas and other garments. Just tuck MyPhonePouch over a snug waistband and you are good to go. Simply tuck MyPhonePouch over a snug waistband (or belt) to easily carry your phone with you – hands-free, pockets-free, and purse-free. The removable, stainless-steel counter-weight in the back-side offsets the weight of your phone and when combined with a snug waistband holds MyPhonePouch in place, no belt required, no straps across your body.

MyPhonePouch is perfect for low impact workouts. With no belt required and no straps across your body, MyPhonePouch simply tucks over almost any snug waistband (hello, athletic-wear) allowing you to keep your phone secure and accessible. From walking on the treadmill and workouts on the elliptical, stairmaster and cycles, to weight machines and free weights, MyPhonePouch instantly adds multiple pockets to any outfit that has a snug waistband, perfect to carry your phone, ID and other small essentials during a workout. MyPhonePouch is the ideal low impact workout accessory but it is NOT designed for running, aerobics, jumping or other high-impact sports.

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